The Perfect Blend: How EasyTranslate’s HumanAI Optimised MakesYouLocal’s Translation Efficiency

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The Perfect Blend: How EasyTranslate’s HumanAI Optimised MakesYouLocal’s Translation Efficiency


In the competitive world of Language Service Providers (LSPs), the ability to deliver high-quality translations efficiently and cost-effectively is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. EasyTranslate's HumanAI technology offers a transformative solution, combining the best of AI and human expertise. This case study highlights how MakesYouLocal, a leading e-commerce localisation expert, significantly improved its quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness by adopting EasyTranslate's HumanAI, thereby increasing its profit margins and enhancing its service offerings.

The Challenge

MakesYouLocal specialises in helping e-commerce businesses succeed in new markets by providing localised customer service, marketing, and translation solutions. However, their previous translation management system, Phrase, was time-consuming and expensive. Despite having skilled in-house translators, the translation process took an average of 1 hour for every 2500 words, limiting their capacity to take on more work and impacting their profit margins. They needed a solution that could streamline their workflow, improve quality control, and reduce costs.

The Solution: EasyTranslate's HumanAI

EasyTranslate's HumanAI technology provided MakesYouLocal with a game-changing solution. HumanAI combines advanced AI models with strategic human intervention, ensuring high-quality translations while significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Here's how it works:

  • AI-Driven Efficiency: HumanAI utilises sophisticated machine learning algorithms to pre-translate content, dramatically reducing the initial workload for human editors. The AI is trained on MakesYouLocal's specific linguistic preferences and terminologies, ensuring high-quality output from the outset.

  • Human Oversight: MakesYouLocal's in-house translators act as language leads within our LangOps platform, refining and perfecting the AI-generated translations. This collaboration ensures that the final product meets their quality standards and maintains brand consistency.

  • LangOps Platform: Our LangOps platform provides an intuitive interface for managing, reviewing, and editing translations. It also features real-time collaboration tools, making the translation process more interactive and streamlined.

The Results

By integrating EasyTranslate's HumanAI, MakesYouLocal achieved remarkable improvements in its operations:

  • Increased Efficiency: Translation projects that before would take 20 hours to complete, decreased to just 2 hours, resulting in a tenfold increase in productivity. This efficiency enabled MakesYouLocal to handle more projects simultaneously, increasing their capacity and profitability.

  • Cost Savings: MakesYouLocal experienced a 90% reduction in translation costs. The AI-driven process minimised manual labour, and the streamlined workflow reduced operational expenses. This substantial cost saving directly boosted their profit margins.

  • Enhanced Quality: HumanAI ensures an accuracy rate of just one mistake per 1,000 words, far surpassing the traditional benchmark of one mistake per 150 words. This exceptional quality assurance means MakesYouLocal can provide its clients with high-quality, on-brand content in any language.

Supporting Data

  • Accuracy: HumanAI achieves an accuracy rate of one mistake per 1,000 words, significantly improving quality over traditional methods.

  • Speed: HumanAI can process up to 25,000 words daily, accelerating translation turnaround times by tenfold.

  • Cost Efficiency: HumanAI drives down translation costs by 90%, priced at just 0.01€ per translated word, making high-quality translations accessible and profitable.

Client Testimonial

"EasyTranslate’s HumanAI innovation has provided us with a competitive edge, offering our customers translations that combine AI's efficiency with human quality. This new tool allows us to deliver consistent, on-brand translations faster, which has been a game-changer for our clients,” said Max Riis Christensen, CEO, of MakesYouLocal.


EasyTranslate's partnership with MakesYouLocal showcases the revolutionary potential of our HumanAI technology. By integrating AI efficiency with human oversight, we enabled MakesYouLocal to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, cost savings, and translation quality. Their success story serves as a powerful example of the benefits LSPs can attain by adopting EasyTranslate's innovative solutions.

For LSPs looking to revolutionise their translation processes, enhance quality, and significantly reduce costs, EasyTranslate's HumanAI offers the ideal solution. Join MakesYouLocal and others who have discovered the future of translation with EasyTranslate.

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About MakesYouLocal

MakesYouLocal specialises in helping e-commerce businesses succeed in new markets by providing localised customer service, marketing, and translation solutions. Their team of local e-commerce experts supports online shops in launching and growing their international sales, ensuring a smooth and effective entry into new markets. By leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience, MakesYouLocal helps businesses adapt to local market conditions and customer expectations, driving growth and success.