How POWER Scales Its Consumer Electronics Webshop With Collaborative Translation Management

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Sophia Heybrock


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How POWER Scales Its Consumer Electronics Webshop With Collaborative Translation Management

When you’re selling thousands of products in 200 stores and ever-growing webshops across four countries, it can be challenging to manage your content and ensure that it’s flawless in every language. Power International AS knows all about that and therefore made the switch to EasyTranslate two years ago.

I (virtually) sat down with Power’s Product Content Manager Lauri Peltonen to talk about how the Nordic consumer electronics giant was able to level up their translation efforts with EasyTranslate.

Optimising translation processes with efficient setups

In order to reach its customers in different countries across Scandinavia, Power needed a solid localisation strategy. EasyTranslate offered them a central software which allows for affordable but also scalable translation solutions.

While the initial decision to use EasyTranslate was strongly influenced by the expected savings, Power was also able to optimise and simplify its translation processes due to the efficient setup of the localisation management software.

When Power worked with a traditional translation agency, the agency had to manually open files, make edits, forward them to translators and then return the files with even more manual steps. This middleperson is no longer needed. Each translation project goes directly through our system and to the translators.

The popular electronics retailer uses EasyTranslate for product descriptions including features and technical details as well as more inspirational and educational content such as articles and brand pages. Lauri emphasised how much easier it is now to manage and keep up with this vast amount of content for their multilingual website.

Saving over 22% per word

Compared to their old translation method, Power saves over 22% for each word that they translate - and they process tons of words each month. If you’re wondering how they did it, here’s the breakdown.

Before working with EasyTranslate, Power relied on a traditional translation agency based in Finland. As the company kept growing and its need for multilingual content likewise - it was time for an upgraded translation method. A major reason for switching to EasyTranslate in early 2021 was our cost-effective business model.

One of the main drivers here is that we don’t take a cut of the translators’ payment. We like to say “Everything a translation agency does, we do for free”. In contrast to traditional translation agencies, our customers only pay the freelancers what they charge themselves without additional fees from our side.

It is important to state that translators are not at any disadvantage here - we just don’t take a profit margin for their work. While having the option to choose from numerous experienced translators and employing them instantly, Power also gets to save a good amount of money for each word that is translated through us. And that is not even considering the number of work hours and manual tasks saved that would otherwise be costly as well.

Collaboration and distributed workloads

Lauri’s personal highlight when it comes to our software is the possibility of easily collaborating with his entire team. EasyTranslate lets you share your company account with as many team members as you like without having to pay for additional seats. Power made use of that by having around 10 people using our software for their different content and translation needs.

With 10-15 translation projects created each week, Power is still able to effortlessly manage tasks and distribute the workload without creating any bottlenecks. According to Lauri, “The best thing about the EasyTranslate platform is that it’s accessible to multiple people and it’s easy to maintain projects. You can create folders and it is quite easy to use”. 

What’s next for Power and EasyTranslate

Power will continue creating enticing consumer electronics content in different languages via EasyTranslate. “We have a lot of volume going through you and your system works well. You as a company are very responsive to requests. That’s good customer care on your part and that’s a very big plus”, said Lauri.

He also highlighted the implementation of many great new features in the past. Now, Power is looking forward to integrating the EasyTranslate software with its systems even better in the future by taking advantage of our easy-to-use no-code plugin. Moreover, they are currently exploring our AI Content Generation tool to help speed up the processes of creating category text and product descriptions.