The Content Engine Ranks EasyTranslate Experience a 9 Out of 10

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The Content Engine Ranks EasyTranslate Experience a 9 Out of 10

At EasyTranslate, we always try to make sure our clients get the most out of our collaboration. We like to “Think in Solutions” and deliver the best possible experience to them. This blog article illustrates the translation services we provided for “The Content Engine”, a digital branding agency.

Creating Value - Goal and Process

When The Content Engine needed to translate over 140 workpieces into 10 different languages in less than a month, we knew it was our chance to live up to one of our core principles, “Challenge yourself”. We set out to defeat the time constraints and offer our clients the quality translation they asked for. 

To deliver this, our different departments came together and displayed teamwork and team effort. It was an iterative process, to make sure we review and revise the translations our client requested. We are pleased to confirm that hard work does pay off and that a satisfied customer makes the whole process worthwhile.

Interested in more reviews? Watch our video case about how the Easy Translate Platform helped a company, within the sex toy industry, to expand to new markets much faster and with a huge product catalog. 

Feedback Makes Us Better

We cannot lie and claim that positive feedback does not boost our confidence or satisfy our ego, but this is not why we value it. Feedback is a key component of our business model because it shows us what we do right. It shows us the consumer needs that we fulfill. It is an important indicator of what our clients want and expect. This is why we were extremely delighted to hear what The Content Engine thinks about our services: 

“I really liked how comprehensive and well-documented EasyTranslate’s API endpoints were. It was quite easy to integrate that into our backend."

It helps us understand that our vision gets across the way we intend it to. It emphazies the aspects that our customers appreciate and so, it motivates us to keep on delivering quality translation services.

“Their customer service was really good.” 

Improvement Is the New Groove

While the feedback we received is extremely positive and we believe that our collaboration with The Content Engine was mutually beneficial, we are also aware there is always room for improvement. This is one of the reasons we consider feedback to be so important for our company: it points out our shortcomings and guides us in addressing them. 

“When we came across this issue, EasyTranslate opened a private endpoint for us and helped us set up a customized workflow around that."

We always strive to create value for our customers and sometimes this can only be achieved if they openly tell us how we could serve their needs better.

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