How LSPs Can Now Increase Their Profit Margins by up to 90% with HumanAI Through EasyTranslate Integration with



27. jun. 2024


Hannah Raffel-Schmidt


4 min

How LSPs Can Now Increase Their Profit Margins by up to 90% with HumanAI Through EasyTranslate Integration with

In the dynamic world of Language Service Providers (LSPs), staying ahead of the curve is crucial. The latest integration between EasyTranslate and is set to revolutionise the industry, offering unprecedented connectivity with hundreds of applications, including top-tier Translation Management Systems (TMS) like Phrase, Lokalise, Smartling, Plunet, Trados, and more. This powerful collaboration not only enhances workflow efficiency but also significantly optimises service offerings through the seamless incorporation of HumanAI, resulting in dramatic cost reductions, improved quality, and faster turnaround times.

EasyTranslate and A Synergistic Partnership

EasyTranslate, a language operations platform, has joined forces with, a cutting-edge integration platform renowned for its ability to connect various applications seamlessly. specialises in creating integrations that streamline workflows, automate processes, and ensure data consistency across platforms, making it an ideal partner for EasyTranslate’s mission to enhance the translation industry.

A Game-Changer for LSPs

This integration is a game-changer for LSPs, offering numerous benefits that will transform their operations and service delivery:

1. Seamless Integration of HumanAI

By leveraging the power of HumanAI, LSPs can blend human expertise with artificial intelligence to deliver translations that are both contextually accurate and culturally nuanced. This integration facilitates the easy incorporation of HumanAI into existing workflows, allowing LSPs to offer superior-quality translations at a fraction of the cost.

2. Profit Margin Increase by 90%

One of the most compelling advantages of this integration is the significant cost savings that directly impact profit margins. By automating repetitive tasks and optimising resource allocation, LSPs can reduce their operational costs by up to 90%, translating into a substantial increase in profit margins. This allows them to offer competitive pricing to their clients without compromising on quality.

3. Optimised Quality

The integration ensures that translations are not only faster but also of higher quality. HumanAI enhances the accuracy and consistency of translations, while the seamless connectivity between EasyTranslate and various TMS ensures that all translation memory and terminology databases are up-to-date and correctly utilised. This leads to a marked improvement in the overall quality of translations.

4. Decreased Turnaround Time

With automated workflows and streamlined processes, LSPs can significantly reduce turnaround times. The integration allows for real-time updates and faster processing, enabling LSPs to meet tight deadlines and deliver projects faster than ever before.

Unlocking New Potential

This integration is more than just a technical enhancement; it’s a strategic enabler for LSPs looking to expand their service offerings and capture new market opportunities. By connecting EasyTranslate with hundreds of applications, LSPs can now easily integrate with their client's existing systems, providing a more cohesive and efficient service. This not only improves client satisfaction but also opens doors to new business opportunities.


The integration between EasyTranslate and represents a significant leap forward for LSPs. By seamlessly incorporating HumanAI into their workflows, LSPs can achieve substantial cost savings, enhanced quality, and faster turnaround times. This powerful synergy unlocks new potential for LSPs, allowing them to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. Embrace this game-changing integration and transform your translation services today.

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