How EasyTranslate Helps You Overcome Internal Localisation Challenges



Feb 5, 2022


Teodora Vîlceanu


3 min

How EasyTranslate Helps You Overcome Internal Localisation Challenges

Your localisation journey is likely to not be obstacle-free, as our last blog post hopefully prepared you for. The good news is there are plenty of ways to make your localisation processes become smoother, and that’s exactly why we're here.

This blog article aims to teach you how EasyTranslate can help you overcome typical internal localisation challenges and become more efficient in your workflows.

Adopting to Your Needs

Budgeting is a key component of any business and this makes no difference when it comes to localisation processes. It is, however, a common challenge we encounter when working with clients that they do not correctly estimate their localisation costs, or they simply do not have the resources necessary to invest in it. What is it to be done then? 

We are not here to preach to you about why inaccurate budgeting is a mistake you should try to avoid. Rather, we want to tell you there are ways to work around it, even though this might involve adjusting your expectations.

We always strive to adapt to your specific situation and create the best solution to help you achieve your goals. If your budget does not match all the tools we consider relevant in your case, we will find an alternative plan to make sure you get quality results within your price range.

We had a client whose actual localisation cost estimation heavily exceeded their pre-set budget, a fact that threatened to jeopardise their market expansion strategy. We redesigned our offer by relying mostly on Machine Translation, an AI tool that automates your workflows and delivers quick results. Even though this option might not have the highest accuracy, in the case of our client, who faced time and budget constraints and had a high word volume, it turned out to be the perfect solution for expanding to new markets. 

This is how we approach all our clients - we don’t want you to fit into our boxes, but we will find a customised plan to fit you, which is also reflected in the customisable prices we offer according to how much you localise and what tools you use.

Supporting Your Internal Needs

A successful localisation journey is based on creating workflows that suit your needs and objectives. Our software tools and services are meant to help you achieve this while also increasing your productivity by up to 20% and decreasing your efforts.

We acknowledge that every company has its own internal system and processes and this is exactly why our software is flexible and supports a wide range of file formats. We are "fluent" in HTML, CSV, JSON, etc., and we make sure that no matter what file language you speak, you benefit from our customisable solutions. 

We help you get the right setup for your projects by streamlining your translation and localisation processes. To implement this, we analyse your current setup and help you make the necessary adjustments for maximised compatibility with our system. 
Our team will assist you in building a sustainable workflow, which includes mapping out internal content generation tasks and automating your translation processes.

You will also benefit from plugin integrations to easily navigate between your various data sources and seamlessly pair them up with our tools. This will make managing your localisation journey an easier task because the integrations allow systems to speak to each other, thus eliminating the need for manual inputs. 

Offering You the Right Tools and Integrations

Manual work is sometimes unavoidable, but it’s always better when complemented by automation tools. We live in the digital era for a reason! Especially for large or growing businesses, solely relying on manual workflows is not a sustainable practice. So how can we assist you in automating your localisation processes?

With our software solution, you will achieve your goals faster and in a more consistent manner, while also reducing your costs. For instance, you get access to Translation Memory which removes repetitive processes by storing your previously translated segments for you to reuse whenever needed. It ensures you have a consistent writing style and requires less effort from your team of translators. 

You can benefit from our automated solutions even if you decide to rely on your in-house translation team. With Translate Yourself, your internal team can revise the translated/localised content using our Editor tool and save the new version to Translation Memory.

Moreover, we also provide you with plugin solutions for integrating all these automation tools into your system - no need to worry about losing time with intermediaries. From WordPress to Zapier, you have a lot of options available that allow you, among other things, to transfer data between your apps and increase your style consistency.

Now that we’ve told you all the ways in which we can help you, there is one question remaining. Are you ready to embark on your localisation journey with EasyTranslate by your side?