How EasyTranslate Helped Sinful Expand to New E-Commerce Markets

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24. sep. 2021


Teodora Vîlceanu


2 min

How EasyTranslate Helped Sinful Expand to New E-Commerce Markets

There are many aspects that can define a business - from its core mission to the profit it makes. At EasyTranslate, serving customers well is a pivotal part of our culture. In this blog article, we will tell you about the translation services provided for Sinful, a client that operates in the e-commerce sex industry.

Same Company, New Markets

There are many benefits a translation platform can add to your e-commerce business, from tailored content to better customer relationships. In the case of Sinful, it was about market growth.

“We are expanding to new markets and EasyTranslate helped us launch our new markets faster and with a much larger product catalog” 

EasyTranslate supported them in generating customized content for the new markets they were tapping into because accurate translations are extremely important when targeting new audiences. Among other things, we made sure the client constantly had a continuous flow of new products to introduce on the market. 

If you are interested in other services we provided for our various customers, you can read about our collaboration with The Content Engine. 

The Extra Touch

We have never been ones to believe that the end justifies the means. To us, the process of achieving something is just as important as the final result. This is why we strive to ensure that we offer to our customers the best experience we can possibly deliver. And no need to say that we are beyond excited when our efforts pay off:

"The proactive attitude to problem-solving [of EasyTranslate] truly makes us feel we have a partner that has our back"

We also place great emphasis on having a transparent communication system because this can greatly affect the quality of our translation services. 

Open Doors

Part of our transparent communication policy implies that clients can be honest with us and point out what does not really work for them or what more they would like.

"They are always keen to make improvements and work with us to solve issues"

We view feedback as an open door, not as a closed one. It guides us towards delivering more value to our customers, which is our ultimate goal. This is why we always try to build on it and improve our services according to the clients' needs.

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