EasyTranslate är en dedikerad och mångfacetterad översättningsplattform – och mer än bara en översättningsbyrå. Vi samarbetar med specialiserade översättare över hela världen och kan därför erbjuda en kompetensnivå som en vanlig översättningsbyrå inte kan erbjuda. Vi skiljer oss från andra översättningsbyråer eftersom vi kombinerar den senaste tekniken med verifierade mänskliga översättare som är utbildade experter inom sina respektive områden. Vi har dessutom 11 års erfarenhet, vilket innebär att EasyTranslate ligger långt före konkurrenterna.



Professional translation services tailored for your business

For corporate businesses and organisations in the public or private sector, it usually takes a large translation agency to handle the number of texts and translations. However, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily settle for the first translation agency you come across.

EasyTranslate offers a premium service that you won’t find with a standard translation agency. We provide a personal assistant to help you manage your translations projects, organise your documents and ensure that you’re matched with the right translator for your specific business niche. These assistants often prove to be invaluable for managers who need their translation projects managed carefully and neatly without any issues or delays.


More than 50 languages are available

Our translators are located all over the globe, each specialising in their respective language. This provides a great understanding of localisation as well as having sufficient linguistic skills. With these skills, we can offer you translations that aren’t just correct on a grammatical level, but they will also read and sound as if a native speaker wrote them. All 12.000+ hand-selected translators in our translation agency network can offer you these accurate translation services.

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When working with EasyTranslate, your translations are integrated straight within your back-end system with a custom workflow. By simply setting up an API with us, you can order translations straight from the system that you work with. The entire process is automated, meaning you don’t need to extract any text or files.

Instead, the translation material is automatically transferred from your system to ours so that we can carry out your translation project for you and deliver it back in the format of your choice within the system you work with.

You can have your digital content translated in as many languages as you wish directly within the CMS that you work with. With the plugin, your translations are available with the click of a button. Everything can then be translated - from your pages and blog posts to your menus and footers, with the plugin regardless of whether you are working with WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, or any other CMS.

Do you have a lot of product descriptions in need of a translation? This can be achieved fast and efficiently with our Product Information Management integration (PIM), so you can optimise and scale your multilingual content without worrying about project management. By streamlining your translation process with our PIM plugin, you are ready to sell your products globally.

Create, modify and delete your workflows

Every company and every project have different workflows. It can be challenging to find a solution that fully embraces automated translation. However, our automation flows feature has been developed to enable each team to create unlimited automation project flows to fit their specific needs and simplify their experience on the platform.

You can customise workflows for different projects. You can also standardise workflow, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. You can invite a team of in-house translators, invite a third party translation agency or use any of our translation partners we have built-in for your convenience - it’s completely up to you.

We help all kinds of businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small e-commerce business or a large enterprise. We guarantee a solution that matches the exact needs of your business. Also, your organisational structure is highly important to us, and we ensure that our platform adapts to how you are working.

Why should you choose EasyTranslate?

EasyTranslate has a unique platform you can benefit from. We use technology to streamline processes and improve translations, ensuring the translations suit your business.

Unlike a generic translation agency, you can select and monitor your translator – a verified expert – all via our platform. This means you have control over your own translations that isn’t possible with other translation services.

In addition, our platform connects you with our team of translators around the world. It’s a requirement that each of our translators is fluent and native in the language they will translate to. This is something you won’t necessarily see with other translation agencies. This level of expertise combined with our innovative platform is what sets EasyTranslate apart.

Vad säger användare om EasyTranslate

Lauri Peltonen, POWER

"Det bästa med EasyTranslates tjänster är att de kan användas av flera personer samtidigt och att de gör det enkelt att hantera projekt."

G2 Fall 2023 Reports - 4.5 star rating

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Enrol in our EasyTranslate Academy

We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to save your time and resources. That is why we’ve developed EasyTranslate Academy - our very own platform to facilitate knowledge sharing between you and our translators. You can design custom made programmes to onboard translators that require certain knowledge about terminology for your specific projects. It is a sure way to guarantee alignment in your communications across languages.

EasyTranslate Academy is an opportunity for translators to become familiar with your business and industry. We believe that the more the translators know about you and your business, the better the translations. We help the process run smoothly with this approach by giving our linguists access to the right know-how, terminology, communications style, tone of voice, and other relevant information.

Frequently asked questions

Why should you choose a translation agency?

For many businesses and organisations in the public or private sector, it usually takes a large translation agency to handle the number of texts and translations. However, EasyTranslate offers a premium service that you won’t find with a standard translation agency. We differentiate from other translation agencies by combining the latest technology with verified human translators trained to be experts in their respective fields.

What is EasyTranslate Academy?

EasyTranslate Academy is an e-learning platform that assures closer collaboration between our clients and our translators. It is an opportunity for translators to become more familiar with your business and industry. With EasyTranslate Academy, you can build your own programme with tailor-made modules for your specific company business and projects.

Är du intresserad av andra språk?

Vi erbjuder fler än 70 olika språklösningar via vårt nätverk av över 12.000 kvalificerade översättare. Oavsett om du är i behov av professionella översättningar till spanska, turkiska eller kinesiska kommer vi att se till att hitta rätt översättare för ditt projekt.