Frequently asked questions

Why should you choose a translation agency?

For many businesses and organisations in the public or private sector, it usually takes a large translation agency to handle the number of texts and translations. However, EasyTranslate offers a premium service that you won’t find with a standard translation agency. We differentiate from other translation agencies by combining the latest technology with verified human translators trained to be experts in their respective fields.

What is EasyTranslate Academy?

EasyTranslate Academy is an e-learning platform that assures closer collaboration between our clients and our translators. It is an opportunity for translators to become more familiar with your business and industry. With EasyTranslate Academy, you can build your own programme with tailor-made modules for your specific company business and projects.

Ser du etter flere språk?

Vi tilbyr mer enn 70 språkløsninger gjennom nettverket vårt med over 12.000 kvalifiserte oversettere. Om du trenger å oversette til spansk, tyrkisk eller kinesisk – vi finner den riktige oversetteren til prosjektet ditt.