Flexibel tolk- en vertaalwerk

Sluit je aan bij ons wereldwijde netwerk van professionals en krijg toegang tot duizenden tolk- en vertaalopdrachten.


Werk wanneer je maar wilt, waar je maar wilt


Krijg toegang tot duizenden opdrachtgevers en projecten


Specialiseer je in een groot aantal branches en talen


Jouw flexibele werkplek

Als freelance vertaler bij EasyTranslate ben jij je eigen baas. Jij bepaalt waar je wil werken en wanneer je wil werken. Jouw persoonlijke virtuele werkplek laat je overal werken waar je een internetverbinding hebt, en dankzij ons platform heb je toegang tot opdrachtgevers en ontvang je rechtstreeks opdrachtverzoeken. Doordat je de flexibiliteit hebt om te werken waar en wanneer je maar wilt, heb jij de volledige controle over je werkende leven.

Jouw eigen netwerk van vaste klanten

Krijg toegang tot ons snel groeiende klantenbestand en bouw professionele relaties op met je eigen netwerk van vaste klanten en projecten. Onze account managers koppelen jou aan vertaalprojecten die aansluiten op jouw vakgebied. Doordat je toegang hebt tot een constante stroom vaste klanten en projecten, kan je zoveel werken als je wilt.


Volledige ondersteuning

Jouw toegewijde account manager staat klaar om je te helpen jouw tolk- en vertaalopdrachten uit te voeren. Neem contact op tijdens kantooruren en jouw account manager helpt je graag met alle vragen en opmerkingen die je hebt over het project van je opdrachtgever. Doordat je wordt ondersteund door een team van deskundigen, die bij ieder project voor je klaarstaan, presteer je altijd op topniveau.


Dayana Ivanova



Gustav Jakobsen

Vendor Coordinator


Dea Voegelin

Head of Operations


Melissa Reichardt

Vendor Coordinator

Veelgestelde vragen


What are the payment terms?

The payment date/term for an individual translator or personal business is the end of current month +30 days. (Example: A task which meets its deadline and completion in February, will have its payment processed by the end of March.)

The payment date/term for a large translation agency is the end of current month +60 days. (Example: An agency-executed task which meets its deadline and completion in February, will have its payment processed by the end of April.

When are payments made?

Payments are made on the last day of the month.

Bank approval will begin exactly one working day after your payment is processed. You should receive the payment in your account around 3-4 working days after bank approval.

Should I create an invoice to receive the payment?

Payment confirmation is an automatically generated invoice for translators which summarises the tasks which have been performed for the current month. Automatic payment confirmation is generated at the end of each month during which you have performed translations for us, divided by the markets you translated for. This means there is no need for you to send us any type of manual invoicing.

What payment methods are used?

There is currently 1 available method for receiving payment from EasyTranslate A/S.

→ Bank Transfer

Please note banks deduct their fees and charges directly from the amount transferred.

Should I do anything to receive a payment confirmation from Easytranslate?

You need to approve the task and the corresponding price in our platform.

Every time a task has been completed, it will appear on this table, and you can approve it by ticking the task on the “Approve” column.

How do I check my payment status?

There is the feature of Payment status shown in the Payments tab on your profile. However, for now, it doesn't reflect the most up to date information.

We are working on implementing this functionality, so you can check yourself that the payment was processed for you.

How do I share my payment details?

The Payment Information tab contains all the fields you need to fill out in order for EasyTranslate to successfully make payments to you when you complete your translations. It is imperative that you review all fields, fill them when applicable, and update them whenever necessary, to reflect any changes made by you or your business.

Is it possible to accumulate payments?

It is possible to store up your payments and reduce bank transfer/transaction fees. Simply withhold your approval of a task, and it will be saved until another payment cycle, to be grouped with future tasks - so you can get the most out of your payments while minimizing bank fees.

What is the difference between private and business status?

by private we understand individual translators or personal business

by business we understand translation agency

Who has to pay taxes?

As the beneficiary is EasyTranslate A/S in Denmark, all translators (with exception of registered businesses in Denmark) will receive their payment confirmation (automatic invoice) and transfers with 0% VAT.

It means that all prices are exclusive of value added tax.

The Partner is responsible for reporting and payment of all applicable taxes to the relevant tax authorities. EasyTranslate will not report or pay any taxes on behalf of the Partner. Any tax consequences of this Agreement are of no concern to EasyTranslate.

Is there a limit on small payments?

Payments of small value tasks will be stored up until an amount of €50 is accumulated to pay only one single bank fee for payment transfer.

Who has to pay bank fees?

Please note banks deduct their fees and charges directly from the amount transferred.


How do I share information about my availability/unavailability?

We plan to introduce the functionality to mark the availability/unavailability on your profiles. However, before this happens you can pass this kind of information to us via email: vendor@easytranslate.com.

How do I check my registration status?

Your registration status can be checked on your profile in the My Account section. If you don't see this comment on your profile, it means that your account was approved.

Why is my registration status still pending?

It means that our Vendor Management Team is in the process of verifying your profile and all the information you shared with us. If you would like to speed up the whole process, please fill in all the necessary information and documents that prove your experience and skills. In case of questions regarding the registration, you can reach out to us via vendor@easytranslate.com

Why am I not receiving new tasks?

A number of tasks you can get depend on many factors like your area of expertise, experience, language pair, rate and the most crucial variable - the number of projects ordered by our clients.

How can I receive more tasks?

First of all, keep your profile up to date. Add comments if you would like to share more details regarding your experience. And be patient

However, if you feel that for a long time you haven't heard anything from us, feel free to contact us via vendor@easytranslate.com.

What is the assigning process?

We assign a vendor to a particular task based on the task-specification: service type, content, language pair, client's budget. Having all that into consideration, we choose the most fitting person for the job.

However, when we get a really urgent task, we invite more than 1 vendor to a task.

For some of our biggest clients, we have dedicated teams working on the client's tasks.

How do I filter tasks on the platform?

You need to go to MY TASKS section and depending on what you need you can filter by a number of PO, dates or status.

How do I inform ET regarding issues with the platform/task?

In case of issues with our platform, you can reach out to us via vendor@easytranslate.com

You can also communicate with our PMs regarding accepted tasks through comments on the platform.

How do I delete my profile?

Go to My Account on your profile and choose the Delete your data field. When you click on this, we will get the notification and will remove your data from our system.

Do I need to sign a contract before the start of our cooperation?

Before you register on our platform, you need to agree on the terms mentioned in the EasyTranslate Vendor Contract that is available for you below the Login Details in the form for creating your account (please see the screen below)

Are there any training materials prepared for newly joined vendors?

You will receive the introduction materials after your profile is approved by our team. Moreover you can also find the same materials, available for you 24/7, on your profile, in the Guidelines section.


Is it possible to extend/negotiate the deadline?

Accepted tasks should be delivered within the agreed timeframe. However, if you encounter some issues to meet the deadline you have to inform a project manager responsible for the task. The best way to do it is to leave the comment under the accepted task on our platform.

How do I get access to Memsource?

Once you accept the task on your platform, you will get the notification from Memsource with the credentials to log in.

How do I upload files once completed?

→ If you are translating the text in Memsource when you're done, you need to:

1)Run QA-check in Memsource

2)Download the completed file from Memsource and upload it to Our Platform

3)Set task to completed in Memsource

→ If you haven't used Memsource to perform the translation, you should simply upload the file/files(zip folder) under Translated files field.

Afterward, you need to click the Send to Project Manager button.

What does certified translation mean?

Regulations regarding sworn translations vary and depend on country-specific rules. However, in most of the cases, our clients need the translation to be performed by certified linguists who have the right to legally authorize their work. Very often to gain such a certification a translator needs to pass a special exam and/or be authorized by a court or the ministry.

How do I share information regarding the experience with ET?

You can share this information during the registration process by uploading the reference documents to the CV&References section. Or you can add the comments on your profile under each of the service types you added to your profile.

Is the use of Memsource obligatory?

All EasyTranslate’s assignments are to be translated in Memsource unless it's agreed otherwise with a project manager.

Why did I receive a project with a lower rate than the agreed one with the Vendor Management Team?

Pricing for some of the projects might not reflect your agreed rate per word. It’s up to you whether you accept or decline such projects.

Can I support any other tasks than translation?

EasyTranslate offers many different types of services to its clients. If you are interested in receiving other tasks, apart from translation, please make sure you marked those services in your profile.

Should I inform ET if I am not interested in a particular task?

If you are not interested in a particular task, please decline it. This will give us a clear indication that you are not interested in the task and can avoid us sending you multiple follow-up emails.