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A translation tool is a piece of software that is part of a translation management system. It helps translators and project managers optimise their work processes.

Whether it is more automation or better team management that you are looking for, our translation tools will support you in reaching your goals. You have full control over what tools to use, matching their strengths with your translation and localisation needs.

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It is not mission impossible to generate more output and reduce your effort. This is exactly what the CAT tools of our translation software are here for.

The Automation Workflows, for example, remove any repetitive translation process and ensure all operational steps are accurate and efficient. Different companies and projects require different workflows. It can be challenging to find a solution that fully embraces automated translation. However, this translation tool allows your teams to create unique and streamlined project flows that fit your exact needs.

You can also build, edit, use, and reuse your own translation Automation Workflows to boost the speed and efficiency of your translations. Create your own plan with our translation tools and see for yourself how the rate of your translation projects increase.


Stay true to your core

When you have many ongoing projects, it can be challenging to maintain a unitary and consistent style across all of them. But at the same time, it’s important for your business that you do, whether you are translating websites, office documents or other content.

You can easily get this challenge out of the way and create consistent translations by relying on Term Bank and Translation Memory. Term Bank is your terminology management tool that you use to communicate your linguistic preferences with your team of professional translators. Translation Memory stores sentences, paragraphs or text segments of previous translations, allowing you to reuse them when necessary.

These tools will remove repetitive tasks, while also optimising your translation and localisation processes. And of course, a consistent style will be achieved.

Reach more with less effort

You may be concerned about potential management and coordination issues when your team is dealing with a heavy workflow. Our CAT tools can also be of help with this.

By using our translation tool, the Editor, you can review created content from keywords, machine-translated content or educate the professional translators from your content edits. With our augmented learning paths on all content improvements, you save time and money on all your content. When using this translation tool, translators will automatically receive suggestions from your Term Bank to make sure that they are translating in a way that fits with the identity of your brand.

You can also break down communication barriers with the Editor tool's chat option which allows you to reach your freelance translators directly, and you can generate feedback through the comment function, by making real-time remarks that your team can see and adapt to.

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Frequently asked questions

Which translation tools does EasyTranslate provide?

EasyTranslate provides businesses with various tools that benefit all of their translations. For example, you can use our Translation Memory, which records your previous translations. It recognises and re-uses all translated segments of earlier projects, resulting in more consistency. You can also benefit from our Term Bank to ensure that your stylistic preferences are considered throughout your projects.

How can translation tools benefit my business?

Translations can be a big expense for a small business. However, selling your products and services in different languages offers several advantages to a small business. Translation helps grow your business. If information is available in other languages, it adds value for them and encourages potential customers to buy your products and services.

How is the Editor too organised?

The Editor is organised as a table. On the left column, you can see the source language of the translation, and on the right side, you have the source language text translated in the target language. We have made the overview easier by cutting the translated text into segments to allow you to revise the translation at your own pace.

How to access the Editor tool?

Depending on the specific service you are using, your access to the Editor will depend on this:

If you use the Translate Yourself service, you have access to the Editor at all times until your revision of the translation is done.

If you use the Translation & Review service, you can only access it once the translator completes the translation review.

If you use the Translation service, you can only access it once the translator completes the translation.