Translate within your app with the EasyTranslate + Zapier integration

Zapier lets you connect with EasyTranslate to automatically integrate translations within the apps you use every day.

Save time and money, and completely rid yourself of manual copy-pasting work!

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Connect with more than 3 000 apps


Automated translations in any language


Manage all in one place


Google Drive

Set up an automated translation process for specific columns in your Google Sheets



Instantly have your online documents translated into the languages of your choice



Keep structure with translations appearing in your own filing system



Your Facebook reviews automatically appear in multiple languages



Post articles in more languages to reach a larger audience



Connect with your Newsletters for easy translations straight within the system

Simple and straightforward integration

Zapier lets you achieve a seamless integration between EasyTranslate and your apps. No need to have extensive technical knowledge, the process is easy and straightforward. Pick the apps you wish to connect with and locate the source text. Then set your own parameters, and decide what is to be translated and when. The content will automatically be fetched, translated and then deposited in the requested location. Make sure to activate notifications so that you know when your translations are ready!


Fully scalable

With over 3 000 apps available through Zapier, increase your multilingual content throughout your channels without spending resources on manual tasks and developers. The different API set ups are done for you, so no coding is required on your end. Instead, focus on publishing your multilingual content at scale and making sure the right message is getting to the right person in the right language at the right time!

Check out these pre-built zaps that are ready to use!


Why connect with EasyTranslate?

While Zapier lets you automatically integrate translations within the apps of your choice, EasyTranslate makes sure that the quality of your translated content exceeds your expectations in all languages.


Your team of translators

Want to work with your own internal team of translators? Invite them to use the EasyTranslate platform to give them access to our software and its renowned industry tools to keep everything in one place. Looking to hire externally for specific language combinations? EasyTranslate works with a large network of professional translators and can match you with the best fit using AI technology.

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Custom Machine Translation

Employ Custom Machine Translation to translate your content in line with the unique terminology, industry and niche of your business. Through the use of domain-specific data, Custom Machine Translation creates a system that enables the automatic translation of more content without any human translation efforts.

Transparent pricing

We break it down for you, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Our different packages and tiers cater to different needs. Once you are on the platform, you can set an additional price limit for the automation of your tasks. You also get access to your translators’ prices per word and per language, thus ensuring full transparency.