Translate straight into your own workflow

With the plugin system, EasyTranslate is able to virtually support your goal to go global with multilingual online content. It has never been easier to add languages to your system, CMS, PIM or cloud based software, with a service that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow. And this at the click of a button!




Custom flow (API)

With a custom flow, your translations are integrated straight within your backend system. By simply setting up an API with us, you are able to order translations straight from the system that you work with. The entire process is automated so that you no longer need to extract any text or files. Instead, the translation material is automatically transferred from your system to ours, so that we can carry out your translation project for you and deliver it back in the format of your choice, within the system you work with.



Have your digital content translated in as many languages as you wish directly within your CMS. With the plugin, your translations are available at the click of a button. Everything, from your pages and blog posts to your menus and footers can be translated with the plugin whether you are working with Wordpress, Umbraco, Drupal, or any other CMS.



Do you have a lot of product data in need of translation? This can be achieved hassle free with our PIM integration, so that you can optimise and scale your multilingual content without worrying about project management or exporting and importing text. By streamlining your translation process with our PIM plugin, you are ready to sell your products globally.


Cloud based software

Managing your files that are stored in your cloud software can be quite a hassle. We help you simplify your workflow by allowing you to translate your documents directly within the cloud software of your choice. This way, we adapt to your own organisational structure and filing system, to make sure that you receive your translated content where it suits you best.

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