Reach a global scale with the EasyTranslate x Shopify plugin

Connect EasyTranslate with your Shopify webshop to receive translations straight within your backend. Your translation process will become so much faster, and you can focus your time and money on expanding your business.



Reach new markets in record timing


Use internally or hire freelance translators


Completely automated

Multilingual webshop

Find EasyTranslate in the Shopify marketplace and set up an automated workflow so that your new product descriptions, landing pages, blog posts and more are translated automatically according to your settings. With the plugin you can find text across your webshop that has not yet been translated and start the translation process with just one click! Make sure to activate notifications to know instantly when your translations are ready to be found live on your webshop!

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Increase sales by making your webshop available in your users’ native languages


Multilingual SEO to grow your international traffic and sales

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New content is automatically detected and translated within Shopify


Human translators use Machine Translation to cut down on costs and time


Reach international markets within minutes

The process to connect Shopify with EasyTranslate is simple and straightforward - no coding or technical knowledge is required on your end. Just select EasyTranslate in your Shopify marketplace and set your own parameters to choose what should be translated and when. Once this is done, you’re all set for a quick and automated process.

A scalable solution for your eCommerce translations

Using the EasyTranslate x Shopify plugin, you can translate your website in as little as 5 minutes! When you have set your own customised settings for automation, your multilingual content will be pushed out instantly once the translations are done. This makes it easier for you to have multiple translation projects going on at once, in as many languages as you require. Setting up the EasyTranslate x Shopify plugin therefore enables you to reach more markets in much less time.


Why connect with EasyTranslate

Why choose EasyTranslate to integrate within your Shopify webshop? More than just a Translation Management Software, EasyTranslate makes sure that the quality of your content exceeds your expectations in all languages.


Your team of translators

Want to work with your own internal team of translators? Invite them to use the EasyTranslate platform to give them access to our TMS and its renowned industry tools to keep everything in one place. Looking to hire externally for specific language combinations? EasyTranslate works with a large network of professional translators, and can match you with the best fit using AI technology.

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Don’t waste time on back and forth work on translations to make sure they meet your requirements. With ET Academy, we help you onboard your external team to give them all the guidance they need to match your tone of voice and brand identity. Make sure that they become an integral part of your team!

Transparent pricing

We break it down for you, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Our different packages cater to different needs, and once you are in the platform you can set your price limit for the automation of your tasks. You also get access to your translators’ prices per word and per language, for full transparency.