Extend your e-commerce to new markets using the EasyTranslate x Magento plugin

Expand your business without hassle by offering localised content for your global audiences. Connect EasyTranslate to your Magento e-commerce website to instantly send and receive translations.

Localise Your Magento Content

Localise your Magento content automatically. The EasyTranslate x Magento plugin makes it effortless to streamline your content for continuous localisation.


Accelerate your time to market

Reach new markets with multiple languages in record time and accelerate your time to market by eliminating manual copy-pasting work.


Automatic and convenient

Your content updates are automatically detected and translated according to your custom workflow. You won’t have to leave Magento, everything happens conveniently within the CMS.


No coding required

You can set up and run the integration without any technical know-how or developer involvement. Once it is set up, you can watch the translations happen automatically.

Users love us!

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Translate straight into Magento

Set up an automatic translation process right from your Magento account. The set up is easy and can be done by anyone. Once you have EasyTranslate up and running within Magento, you can design your own automated workflow. Everything, from your pages and blog posts to your menus and footers can be translated with the plugin. It’s quick and simple, and once it’s ready the translated content appears right where you want it.

  • Ready-to-use setup with no need of technical know-how
  • Reach many more markets at the click of a button
  • Accelerate your time to market by eliminating manual copy-pasting work
  • Full control over what content is translated when by your team of translators
  • Schedule when you want your multilingual content to be deployed
  • Completely automated translation process following the settings you put in place

Seamless integration

You can now translate your Magento e-commerce site directly from the back end with the plugin service. Customise your workflow by choosing your own settings, then set the wheels into motion with a simple click, and our platform will automatically start your translation process. Once the translation is complete, it is integrated within your designated page in Magento in no time.


Fully scalable

With automation comes a boost in productivity! It’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to increase your multilingual content throughout your e-commerce site without spending resources on manual tasks and developers. The different API setups are done for you, so no coding is required on your end. Instead, focus on publishing your multilingual content at scale and making sure the right message is getting to the right person in the right language and at the right time!

Faster time to market

Your translation process has just become so much faster! You can keep track of your project at any time, anywhere. With the Magento plugin, you also get access to all the translation management tools that our platform has to offer. Machine Translation kicks in to take care of the big bulk of translations so that you can skip straight to the revision phase using the Editor tool. The Editor tool allows your team of translators to revise and edit the machine-translated text in one central place. These changes can be saved with the Translation Memory tool, which enables you to reuse them at any time for a cohesive tone of voice.

Tailored to your needs

Design your custom workflow through the plugin so that it fits your specific needs. Everything - from your selection of translators, target languages and the order in which projects should be carried out, to price limits and scheduling automated translations - is entirely up to you!

SEO optimisation

Want to ensure that your content is SEO-optimised in all languages available on your Magento site? We work with experienced translators that are fully aware of the importance of SEO. Share your SEO meta information and we will take it from there!

Your team of translators

Want to work with your own internal team of translators? Invite them to use the EasyTranslate platform to give them access to our software and its renowned industry tools to keep everything in one place. Looking to hire externally for specific language combinations? EasyTranslate works with a large network of professional translators and can match you with the best fit using AI technology.

Custom Machine Translation

Employ Custom Machine Translation to translate your content in line with the unique terminology, industry and niche of your business. Through the use of domain-specific data, Custom Machine Translation creates a system that enables the automatic translation of more content without any human translation efforts.

Transparent pricing

We break it down for you, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Our different packages and tiers cater to different needs. Once you are on the platform, you can set an additional price limit for the automation of your tasks. You also get access to your translators’ prices per word and per language, thus ensuring full transparency.