Translation API

Seamlessly scale your translation management by integrating your own system with our intuitive API.


*Please note that we only accept business clients


Endless customisations with API

We have designed an API that works seamlessly within your systems so you can integrate our language solutions with the relevant activities in your business. It has never been easier to have multilingual content! No need to change your current workflow. With the API solution, you will receive translations straight within your system in an instant!



We have automated the entire translation process from A to Z . Through our API, we automatically transfer the translation material from your system to ours. The project is then analysed and the price is set. The automated process then makes sure that the right translator is found and assigned for that specific translation job by matching the translation material with the competencies required from the translator. It is then sent back to you in the format of your choosing and the payment is carried out automatically.


Seamless integration

You can now translate your content directly within your CMS with the Language-as-a-Service plugin. It is possible to select all types of pages, blog posts, headers and footers, and to filter and exclude certain segments or text fields. Your online content translations are automatically translated through a variety of channels. The CMS plugin is adapted to your needs and the technology that you use, and your content is delivered in any language required, no matter how complex your theme is.


Quick & efficient

At the click of a button you launch the translation project for your selected target languages. We will source automatically from your customised pool of translators, the translation process will start running and the translated content will be integrated within your CMS in no time.


Fully transparent

Your translation process has just become so much faster! Of course, you are able to keep track of your project at any time, anywhere. With the CMS plugin, you also still have access to all the translation management tools that our platform has to offer. Depending on your Language-as-a-Service package, access information, track progress and collaborate with us or your team of translators.



We offer a 100% secure API for your business to run smoothly through our secure file handling and data protection. We fully comply with GDPR, and our platform protects your files and data - keeping it completely secure and confidential. What’s more, we ensure total protection by providing a secure connection with your system - making translation with us both easy and safe.

Top quality

Rest assured, although this is a fully automated and rapid process, we are able to guarantee top quality translations within your softwares. Better than any machine generation translation tools, we provide tailored and industry specific translations at affordable rates.


Network of professional translators

Get access to a network of over 10.000 experienced and highly qualified translators. Not only are they native in the target languages, but also experts who have developed years of experience in different areas of industry expertise. We only work with the very best and make sure that your translators are educated and thoroughly assessed.


Your team of fixed translators

We know how important brand and tone of voice are, and we pride ourselves on offering consistency throughout your projects. Language-as-a-Service assists you in finding translators that are the best fit for you, to be used continuously during our collaboration.

Within your account, you are able to create your own team of hand picked translators. Select your preferred team and set the order of priority so that the parametres are in place for all future projects.

You now have your very own team of assigned experts within your field of work, that get to know your brand over time, and will deliver content that is tailored to your needs, identity and audience.


ET Academy

All our professional translators are highly qualified, but we want them to get even better! Therefore, we have our own EasyTranslate Academy in order to further improve and assure the quality of our translators.

EasyTranslate Academy is an e-learning platform that brings our translators and our clients closer together. Through this platform, we train and onboard translators for specific translation projects. We believe that the more our translators know about the client and their business, the better translations they can make for them.

This educational programme consists of different learning modules that help our translators to fully understand a specific client’s brand, terminology, communication style and tone of voice. This way, we ensure that our translators are fully assessed and able to deliver top quality and consistent translations that match the specific requirements of our clients.


Easy-to-use platform

The Language-as-a-Service platform streamlines the process for you, offering top quality speedy translations at affordable prices. It is easy to use and allows you to track your translation projects at any time, reach out to us or your team of translators, and access your order history.