Translation prices

Are you looking to get more information about translation costs before starting on your translation project? Read on to find out how we calculate our translation prices, and find the right solutions for you.


Translation prices and rates

When calculating translation prices and rates, we look into each case individually. Several factors need to be taken into account, and for this reason we do not offer fixed prices. Language combination, complexity and volume, time frame, translation tools used, file type, and other more specific needs all come into consideration for us to offer you top quality service at the best price.


Why pay for your translations?

There are multiple machine translation tools available that offer free translations, using algorithms. Although machine translation is instant, it only really works for simple and basic words, sentences and phrases. If you need a vague understanding of a text for unofficial purposes, then machine translation can be a great solution. However, context and localisation will be lost.

We work with professional translators in order to deliver high quality human translations, that are consistent with the style of the original texts. All projects are assigned to translators that are experts within the concerned fields, and they make sure to do the necessary research to understand the purpose, target audience, context and tone of voice of the original texts, so that these key elements come across in the final outcome. We also keep the dialogue open, so that questions and information can be shared between you and the translator throughout the duration of the project.

Language combination

We can help you with your translation needs no matter the language, thanks to our large network of translators. When we calculate translation prices, the languages are taken into account, as some are more common than others. A popular language combination will be cheaper than one that is rarely requested, and with fewer available translators.


Time frame and volume

Do you have a long text in need of translating, but worry about it being costly? No need, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Although we calculate a translation cost per word, all repetitions are free. The longer the text, the more repetitions tend to be detected. If you have an exceptionally long document in need of translating, we will also look into a lower word rate to ensure that it fits with your budget.

We pride ourselves in our fast deliveries here at EasyTranslate, and will deliver in the shortest of time frames. This sometimes means assuring that the translator working on your project has no other ongoing work at the same time, or even assigning multiple translators to your project. The more urgent the task, the more the price will increase.


At EasyTranslate, we make sure to assign translators that are adapted to your line of work, and have experience working within the content area of your text. Product descriptions and commercial texts are in need of less knowledge, whereas some more technical texts will require a specific education and expertise. Among the most complex content for translation is literary text such as novels and poetry. Complex vocabulary and subject matters require specialised translators, and they are more expensive than general texts that use more simple vocabulary.


Translation tools

Thanks to the tools that we use, we are able to offer you better rates for your translations in the long term. The translation memory retains all translations that you do with us, so that these are taken into account in your future projects. As your translation memory increases, your translation prices decrease.

We also work with term bases: we retain your preferred terms and vocabulary, assuring continuity and making sure that translators always have access to the same information. The more terms you are able to provide, and particularly for more technical texts, the less time our translators need to spend on research. And as we all know, time is money!

File type

Editable files can be worked in directly by translators, assuring a quick and efficient workflow. Any files that are graphic-heavy or non editable require a DTP service, to ensure that all text is editable, and this extra step will add to the final price.


Simple text

Basic vocabulary will require less time and expertise


Reuse phrases

Repetitions are free, so be sure to reuse text where you can


File format

Sending us an editable file format, with minimal layouting and graphics, and extracting texts from images, will take away the need for extra DTP services