Translate yourself

Want to work on translations yourself? Going from in-house tools to a professional platform is a game changer. Work straight within our Translation Management System platform to benefit from our Machine Translation and Editor tools, to save time on your translations while maintaining the quality of your localised content. The combination of the Machine Translation with post editing allows you to leverage your workflow while increasing your productivity. Want to try it out? If you sign up now, see it for yourself and get access to a 14-day free trial.


Machine translation

Your text is automatically pre-translated with the use of AI technology. Now focus on your linguistic preferences and tone of voice by skipping straight to the review phase.


Translation memory

Your previous translations are saved and stored so that they can be reused when a text segment reappears in a new project. Consistency is guaranteed with no need for back-and-forth work.


We support you in your internal translation flow

Give your in-house translators access to the EasyTranslate platform to alleviate their overall workload. With the help of the tools mentioned above, you receive pre-translated content and you are able to focus on your language preferences and tone of voice.


Review translations yourself

With Translate Yourself, also get access to the Editor feature, a computer assisted translation workbench allowing you to reduce repetitive and manual work. The Editor feature allows you to review your translations so that preferences are registered within the platform. Our AI technology will then make sure that these are automatically suggested for future translation projects. With this feature, your internal team is guaranteed consistency and uniformity while working within the same environment.


Reduce time spent on your translations

The various features that come with Translate Yourself will help you to save time on your projects so that you can go global in no time. AI powered tools allow you to skip steps in the process and our structured platform supports you in your management and communication needs. You will no longer need to translate over and over, as your translation memory grows and the amount of content that you need translating will be continuously reduced.


Your projects are trackable and traceable

When you work within the EasyTranslate platform, all changes are tracked so that you can retrace the entire process. When more than one person is working on a project, each is able to trace the past activity and changes made.


Your translations are integrated automatically

EasyTranslate is able to virtually support your goal to go global with multilingual online content. It has never been easier to add languages to your system, CMS, PIM or cloud based software, with a service that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow - and this at the click of a button!