What our customers say about us

We could easily tell you all about how amazing we think the EasyTranslate platform is - and the endless possibilities it gives you. But we won’t. We’ll instead give the floor to our customers. And we promise that we haven’t asked them to say any of these nice things.

Mission accomplished

We promise a lot and we deliver even more. We set out to assist companies in going global, by helping them achieve consistency throughout multilingual content. The badges act as proof that we successfully accomplished our mission in 2022. 

G2 Fall 2023 Reports - 5 badges

Customers have the word

We know that customers trust each other. This is why we believe that the most honest and powerful reviews come from our customers. And if you’d like to explore the features we are offering, you can join our happy customers with your own free trial.


The numbers speak for themselves

To make sure you choose a high-quality translation and localization solution, you have to rely on concrete numbers. The Customer Satisfaction Ratings illustrate how well EasyTranslates performs on various dimensions.


Many possibilities. One platform 

Keeping an eye on competition is a strategic move. We will show you some of the dimensions in which we score the highest and outperform other players in the industry.


Ease of Doing Business With

⁠EasyTranslate takes pride in being transparent and a team player. As such, clients describe us as “A great, collaborative translation partner!”


Product Direction

Outperforming Smartling and Lokalise based on this criterion, clients are very satisfied with EasyTranslate’s product development and new features. Sinful describes us as “always keen to make improvements and work with us to solve issues”.


Keeping our word

Sinful likes the “dedication of the whole EasyTranslate team", while other clients talk about us in terms of “Quick and precise translations” or “Very professional service - Talented translators - client-centered people”. Their reviews prove that we do our best to fulfill the needs and wants of its clients. 


Supporting you every step of the way

The quality of our customer support is one element that sets us apart from competition. This is aligned with the way clients perceive us, describing EasyTranslate as “Their customer services are really helpful”. 


Ease of Setup

It is important that we simplify things for our clients, making the process smoother for them. One customer characterized EasyTranslate as “Easy-to-use plus helpful support”, which reassures us that this goal is achieved.