Building the bridge between clients and translators

Our vendor management team is dedicated to ensure top quality translations through clear communication between clients and translators.


*Please note that we only accept business clients


Dedicated team for our translators

At EasyTranslate, our vendor management team is dedicated to maintaining the high quality of the translations that we deliver. For us, quality is not only guaranteed by the correctness of the language used by translators, but also by their knowledge of the project they are working on, its purpose and its area of expertise. Our vendor management team works as a support system both internally to help with sourcing translators and externally to support our team of translators.


Team of translators

Our network of translators is constantly growing thanks to our vendor management team. We make sure to select experienced and highly qualified linguists that are able to adapt their work to fit with the client’s brand identity, line of business and tone of voice. Not only are they native in the target languages, but also experts who have developed years of experience in different areas of industry expertise. We only work with the very best and make sure that our translators are educated and thoroughly assessed.


Quality assessment

Our vendor management team is in close collaboration with our quality assessment team, to put in place and enforce strict measures for quality control. This includes regular assessments of translations, peer reviewings and samplings. We work with a QA Score, which we update regularly as an assessment tool to measure the quality of our translators’ work, and to ensure that they are meeting our standards in terms of quality and performance.

Knowledge sharing

Every translation project is unique. The more information translators have about a client’s brand and identity, the better the quality of the work they deliver. Our vendor management team makes sure that all translators are equipped with all the necessary technologies and information required for each project. This is achieved through proper onboarding and training sessions, as well as an available support system for the growing team of translators. The training programmes that are put in place by the vendor management team are created with the involvement of our clients, to ensure alignment in expectations.


ET Academy

All our professional translators are highly qualified, but we want them to get even better! Therefore, we have our own EasyTranslate Academy in order to further improve and assure the quality of our translators. EasyTranslate Academy is an e-learning platform that brings our translators and our clients closer together. Through this platform, we train and onboard translators for specific translation projects. We believe that the more our translators know about the client and their business, the better translations they can make for them.


Tools for fast and easy translations

Our vendor management team makes sure that the right technologies are available to facilitate the process for both clients and translators. We train our team of translators to work within Memsource, an AI-powered translation technology, which makes localisation easier, faster and more cost effective. Within Memsource, tools such as the term bank, translation memory and machine translation are available, all of which can improve the quality of the translations.

Easy-to-use platform

Our smart and efficient platform assists both clients and translators in achieving top quality translations. Through automation, we guarantee a smooth and efficient translation process, to optimise time and streamline the workflow. Read more about our platform here.