Account management

Our dedicated team of account managers will support you in your quest of going global


*Please note that we only accept business clients


Personal support for any project

Your account manager will follow you throughout our collaboration and will understand your needs and expectations. They are always available to discuss and help you with your specific localisation and translation needs, no matter how big or small those might be.

Our team of account managers are there to help you navigate through our different services and understand which solutions are best suited to you and your specific projects. At EasyTranslate, we believe that technology and the tools that we use and develop help us to provide faster and smarter translation solutions for you.


Dedicated language experts

Covering over 15 nationalities and 24 languages, our account managers are not only language experts themselves, but also able to provide you with market insights to help your business grow and develop your presence in new markets.

They are always dedicated to finding the best translation solution for you, customised to your brand and your specific requirements to help you go global with local languages.

Helping your business go global

Throughout your entire localisation process, you will have a dedicated account manager by your side - from conceptualisation to implementation, ready to answer your questions and to advise you on the best practice for your business.

Your account manager, supported by our project and vendor managers, is your point of contact at EasyTranslate and will bring your project to fruition and help your business go global.