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Professional interpretation

In need of an interpreter? We have you covered!

Our state-of-the-art interpretation platform grants you access to a global network of professional interpreters covering all industries and sectors, both private and public. Have your interpretation needs seen to by our dedicated vendor team that will make sure to match the right interpreter for the right job. All our interpreters have the required expertise and experience and are fully equipped to deliver top quality interpretations for any task they may face.

Various interpretation formats

Our interpretation services

EasyTranslate provides you with the interpretation service that you need in whatever languages you need it in. Each interpretation request is unique, and different formats are required depending on the situation that the interpretation is needed for.

If any other format is required from your end, please let us know and together we will find a solution.


Video interpretation


Telephone interpretation


On-site interpretation

Various industries

Industry specific interpretations

Specific situations require specific interpretation needs. If a person, for example, is hospitalised and diagnosed with an illness but doesn’t speak the language of the doctor, then it’s important that the interpreter knows the medical terminology in order to inform the patient in his/her native tongue. If the interpreter doesn’t have the required knowledge within the specific industry and is unable to use the proper terminology, the consequences can be severe, as important information is likely to get lost.


Various industries

At EasyTranslate, we pride ourselves in matching the right interpreter for the right task and we always make sure that you get an interpreter with the required experience and knowledge within the industry you need the interpretation for.

Vast experience and ongoing tests

Qualified interpreters

Quality matters more than anything when it comes to interpretation as a bad and incorrect interpretation can cause massive ramifications in any given situation. Therefore, quality is of the essence when we onboard interpreters to our platform. All our interpreters have a minimum of three years of experience within a specific area of expertise and they are all thoroughly tested to assure they can provide the required interpretation quality.

At EasyTranslate our focus is to deliver the highest level of quality to our clients which is why we have implemented a rating system in our platform. Through this system our clients can rate and evaluate the performance of our interpreters after each task. This way, we can ensure that our interpreters maintain a high level and always deliver the very best quality.

Smooth booking flow

User-friendly platform

With more than 10 years of experience and feedback from our customers, combined with one of EasyTranslate’s core values of always being innovative, we have built a user-friendly platform with our customers in mind. With EasyTranslate, get access to an innovative and intuitive platform that connects you to interpreters instantly while allowing you to manage your interpretation projects with ease.

Through our platform, you can even communicate with your contact person at EasyTranslate directly which assures your company an effective and top quality experience. In addition, we have created a booking flow that enables our customers to have a seamless experience through automation which removes complexity and meets your personal needs. In a few clicks and with a human team behind for support, the result will save your company valuable time and resources.

Interpretation app


Download our interpretation app, EasyTalq, and get instant access to a global network of professional interpreters right at your fingertips. EasyTalq lets you hold digital interpretation meetings anytime, anywhere, while saving you both time and money. You can even record and archive your interpretation meetings and access them anytime you need.

With EasyTalq, you can book your interpreter immediately and hold your meeting remotely. It allows you to conduct a search amongst available interpreters and to call upon your favourite interpreters to assist you. On top of that, the app gives you an overview of available interpreters, their competencies and areas of expertise, so that you can easily manage your interpretation projects from one single app.