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Technical translation

For complex texts with niche terminology, you need a technical translation service. Whether it’s a scientific paper or patent, Easy Translate can help.

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Expert technical translations

When it comes to technical translations, whether it’s a complex owner’s manual for an electronic device or a scientific paper, you need an expert technical translator. At EasyTranslate, we hand-select our technical translators from a wide range of backgrounds and niche fields, so there’s always a professional translator competent and ready to translate your text to the highest quality.

Technical translations can include texts from the scientific and technological communities, as well as any other complex text that use terminology exclusive to one industry that a standard translator will not understand. For these texts, it’s imperative that you use a professional and verified translator who’s trained to handle complex content of high quality.


A translation platform for technical translation work

EasyTranslate is a dedicated technical translation platform, with a network of carefully selected translators who are at the tops of their fields. From legal experience to in-depth scientific knowledge, our translators all have a specialism that enables us to provide premium translation services.

  • Our technical translators are professionals with long-term experience working and translating in their specialisms, ensuring they understand the complex terminology when translating from the original language.

  • Understanding the context of your technical content is key to providing a high-quality translation. Our skilled translators do more than simply translate the words, they also translate the style of writing, the intended message and more, using initiative to create a translated document that’s as technical and fluent as the original.

  • They are also native in the language you wish to translate your text to. This is essential for texts to read fluidly and naturally around the more complex terms.

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The knowledge and experience required in both linguistics and niche industries that is essential for an accurate technical translation is immense and should only be left to the professionals at EasyTranslate.

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What our translators consider for technical translations

No matter your industry, you need a translator who is up to date with the latest practices and terminology. That’s just part of what our professional translators offer. Knowledge and understanding are as vitally important as translating skills when it comes to technical translations.

If in-depth research is required, then our translators have no hesitation diving in, thoroughly analysing your technical content and acquiring a comprehensive understanding before they even begin translating.

Furthermore, our translators have the skills and expertise to translate what ordinary translators would struggle with. When phrases and terminology in one language do not exist in another, our translators have the writing skills to expand and explain these complex terms coherently, so the newly translated text doesn’t skim over essential terms that would otherwise be lost in translation.

The initiative and intense analysis required before a translation can even begin is something that only the top translators have.


Entrust only the experts with your technical translation

Faster, cheaper services may be able to tackle your technical texts, translating word for word. But this is fraught with consequences.

  • Mistranslated terms where the appropriate use of Latin terminology and in-depth explanations would be more appropriate, can entirely erase an important segment of your technical text.
  • Misunderstanding of the context of the technical text could potentially cause rifts and even insult if the style and tone is wildly inappropriate in the translated text language.
  • A translator without experience in the industry, whether it be microbiology or computer programming for example, may rely on outdated or false information to translate technical content. Or worse, simply use an online search to research without verifying sources as they translate.
  • To translate difficult and wordy texts, an unskilled translator will fail to deliver a clear and understandable translation. It takes a professional and skilled translator to know when layman’s terms are more appropriate for the overall readability of the content without sacrificing the meaning of the text and desired tone.

When it comes to technical texts, you must ensure that your translator is adept at much more than simply linguistic skills. Using a generic translation agency or unverified translator will put your text at risk. You need an expert you can trust to translate your most complex content.

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