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Access thousands of customers and projects


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Your flexible workplace

As a freelancer at EasyTranslate, you are your own boss. You decide where you want to work and when you want to work. Through our platform, you can connect with your customers and receive task invitations directly. By having the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you like, you are in complete control of your work life.

Your own network of regular customers

Connect with our rapidly expanding customer base and form relationships with your own network of regular customers and projects. Our team will pair you with projects that complement your area of expertise. By having a stream of regular customers and projects at your fingertips, you can work as much as you like.


Full support

Our dedicated team is ready to help you complete your interpreter, translator and copywriter jobs. Reach out during our office hours and our team will happily review any questions or recommendations you have for your customer’s project. Being supported by a team of experts, ready to assist your every project, means you can always perform at your very best.


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Vendor Coordinator


Dea Voegelin

Head of Operations


Melissa Reichardt

Associate Vendor Manager

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I apply to become part of your translator community?

We are always looking for new talents to join our teams and our collaboration starts here. Our vendor management team will get in touch with you as soon as we are looking to assemble a new translation team for one of our customers. Please provide us with as much information as possible about yourself (CV, work experience etc.) and your areas of expertise so we can quickly identify you as a perfect match.

Do I need to sign a contract before the start of our cooperation?

You do not need to sign a contract but you will have to agree to our Terms and Conditions and accept an NDA during the onboarding process.

Will newly joined vendors receive any training material?

You will receive onboarding material with information about the use of the platform, invoicing etc. and additionally will be assigned to an EasyTranslate Academy training module so we make sure you have all the information you need.

What customers will I be working for?

We set up individual teams of linguists for each of our customers based on their content and preferences. We will therefore ask you to provide test translations to make sure to create the perfect setup for our customers.

How do I inform EasyTranslate regarding issues with the platform?

If you experience technical issues with our platform or Phrase, or have a question about payments, please contact our support team via the chat window in the bottom right corner of this page. Note that for all questions regarding the translation project (terminology, style etc.), you need to contact the customer directly via the message function on our platform.

How do I delete my profile?

Go to Settings > Account > GDPR and click the red button “Request account deletion”. As soon as we receive the notification the deletion process is started. Please note that we can delete your data only after any open projects are closed and all pending payments are executed. Once done you will receive a written confirmation of deletion.


What are the payment terms?

EasyTranslate has teamed up with Stripe, an external payment provider. Your funds are placed in a virtual wallet when you complete a task and are automatically paid out to your designated bank account 14 days after completion of an assignment. Note that usually the payment term for a large translation agency is the end of the current month +60 days and we are happy to have considerably shortened the waiting time for you!

Should I create an invoice to receive payment?

The payment flow using Stripe is fully automated and an invoice is created for each completed task. This means there is no need for you to send us an invoice.

What payment methods are used?

Stripe payments are executed via bank transfer to your connected account.

Why do I pay a monthly fee of 7.5%?

A small translator premium fee of 7.5% is deducted before payout to your bank account. In return we provide you with access to all tools and features of the Software Platform and cover your banking fees arising from the transactions, no matter how many automatic payouts you receive. There are no additional fees and there is no minimum amount you have to reach in order to be paid out.

Do I need to approve my payments in my account to receive payouts?

The platform does not require you to approve any payouts and they are automatically triggered as soon as a project has been set to completed. Please go to Settings > Payments > History to access an overview of all the payments you have received or are going to receive.

How do I check my payments?

You can check your payment status by logging on to your Stripe account. On the platform go to Settings > Payments > Methods and click on "See my Stripe account" to be redirected.

There you find information on for example how much money has been transferred into your wallet and is awaiting payment to your connected bank account, received payments etc.

How do I share my payment details?

During the onboarding process you will be prompted to register an account with Stripe. This registration is necessary to successfully receive payments for your completed translation tasks. It is imperative that you review all fields and update the information whenever necessary. You have the possibility to access your Stripe account by navigating to Settings > Payments > Methods and click on "See my Stripe account" to be redirected.

Is it possible to accumulate payments?

Payments of projects completed on the same day will be accumulated and paid in one transaction. It is not possible to accumulate payments from different days.

Who has to pay taxes?

All translators (with exception of registered businesses in Denmark) will receive their payment confirmation (automatic invoice) and transfers with 0% VAT. This means that all prices are exclusive of value added tax. You as a translator are responsible for the reporting and payment of all applicable taxes to the relevant tax authorities. EasyTranslate will not report or pay any taxes on behalf of the translators. Any tax consequences of this agreement are of no concern to EasyTranslate.


What is the project assigning process?

Our system uses AI that allows the platform to assign tasks to you according to your availability and productivity settings. By setting your availability in your account, you are communicating with us and your customers when you are free to take on new projects, and you will be automatically assigned tasks according to the information provided.

How do I share information about my availability?

To set your availability please go to the tab “My availability” and provide us with as much information as possible about your working hours, output, vacation etc. It is crucial that you provide detailed and correct information so you don’t get assigned to more projects than you can handle or get assigned during your vacation.

Why am I not receiving new tasks?

The number of tasks you receive from your customers depends on factors such as your language combination, your availability and most crucially - the number of projects ordered by the customers. If you feel that you are not receiving enough work it can help to review your availability setting to increase the probability of being assigned to new projects. Another tip is to always keep your data up-to-date. This makes you and your services visible to our customers who can invite you to join their team of translators. However, if you feel that you haven't heard anything from us in a long time, feel free to contact us via

Is it possible to negotiate the deadline?

In general, the deadline of a project is calculated based on your availability and we expect you to accept the job. Should you for some reason still need an extension of the deadline please contact the customers via the message function of our platform and see if you can agree on a later delivery date. If that is not possible, please reject the task so the next linguist in line receives an invitation.

How do I deliver a completed translation?

The translated file will be made available to your customers as soon as you change the task status in Phrase to “Completed by provider”. There is no need to download the file and send it to us. Please ensure that the file is properly proofread and that you run a QA before changing the status as you will no longer have access to the file once completed.

Is the use of Phrase mandatory and how do I access it?

All projects have to be completed in Phrase. We will provide you with an account and the necessary login information. You can access each job via a link in the respective task on your dashboard.

Should I inform EasyTranslate if I am not interested in a particular task?

When you are chosen and added to a customer account you are expected to handle jobs that are assigned to you. In order to notify us that you are working on a task, please accept it in Phrase.

If I have a question about the project, who can I contact?

For all questions regarding the translation project, please get in touch with the customers directly via the message function of our platform. If you experience any technical issues with the platform or Phrase, please get in touch with our Support team via the chat window in the bottom right corner of this page.