EasyTranslate Data Processing - Contractual Clauses

Our Contractual Clauses (the "Clauses") are an integral part of EasyTranslate's Terms and Conditions unless the Customer has entered into a superseding written master agreement with EasyTranslate, in which case, it forms a part of such written agreement.

The Contractual Clauses have been pre-signed on behalf of EasyTranslate. The Clauses are available for download for counter-signing.

To complete the Clauses, the Customer must:

1) Complete the information in the “Data controller” signature section;

2) Complete the information in the "Data controller" contact information section;

3) Submit the completed and signed Clauses via gdpr@easytranslate.com, indicating Customer Account information (registered email address, and company name as set out on the applicable Customer order or the invoice).

Once we receive validly completed and counter-signed Clauses at gdpr@easytranslate.com, the Clauses become legally binding for EasyTranslate and the Customer.

We will provide the Customer with an email confirming receipt of the counter-signed Clauses indicating the Clauses' effective date.