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At EasyTranslate we are experts in professional Swedish translations. We provide tailored and industry specific translations at affordable rates. With us you get access to a network of over 10.000 experienced and highly qualified translators who will make sure to adapt your material to fit your brand identity, line of business and tone of voice.

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EasyTranslate is all about making the Swedish translation as smooth and convenient for you as possible. Our platform is fast and easy to use, and you can make your request at anytime, anywhere and with only a few clicks. Once you’ve completed your order you can track the status of your translation on our platform - it will be ready for you in less than 48 hours.

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Get support throughout the entire translation process from our dedicated team of experts. Their expertise in linguistics and a wide range of industries allows them to find the right Swedish translator for your translation project. They work closely with our translators to make sure that all your translation needs are met and that nothing is left to circumstances.


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Swedish translation services

We do all kinds of translation services, so whether your business needs regular Swedish translation, certified translation, subtitling or something completely different, we have got you covered.

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Desktop Publishing

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Certified Translation

If you’re looking for other services than the ones listed above, then please contact our sales team. We will most likely be able to cover those too.

Industry specific translations

Swedish translations for any industry

At EasyTranslate we provide Swedish translations for a wide range of industries and our translators all have the needed expertise to deliver tailored translations that fit your specific line of business.




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Customers prefer to buy products from websites in their own language. Period! Therefore it’s crucial for e-commerce businesses to provide all information in their customers native language if they want to boost their sales. Product descriptions are a big part of this and with our platform you will get top quality descriptions fast and easy. We have a proven record in helping companies increase their conversion rate by creating a consistent buyer experience through translations.

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Smart translation tools

At EasyTranslate we provide state-of-the-art translation tools to make the Swedish translations run smoothly and cost-efficiently. By utilising our smart tools to drive your business globally, you get consistency in the nature and quality of your language.


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Our platform protects your files and data, keeping it completely secure and confidential for you to order professional Swedish translations. Our rich set of platform features helps you to comply with data protection regulations and gain increased transparency and control.


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Experienced translators

Meet our Swedish translators

Our team of dedicated Swedish translators are the best in their field and put their passion for language at your service. They have years of experience and know the language in all its little details and complexities. With all of them being native-speakers and having followed specific training courses, they have certifications that recognize their language level and qualify them as expert Swedish translators.

From global to local

Swedish localisation

As you probably already know, there isn’t really one single universal Swedish language. Many Swedish words and phrases can be singular to a particular area and would be as foreign to an Swedish speaker from outside the region as words from Mandarin or Ewokese. On the other side, there are some words that may be used in all Swedish-speaking countries, but which have entirely different meanings depending on which of those countries you’re in.

As such, if you’re planning on expanding your business to one of these Swedish-speaking countries, it’s important to employ the right language. You want the language to sound as natural as possible to the locals, but you also want to avoid mistakenly offending anyone. Therefore, only qualified and experienced Swedish translators can deliver the right and appropriate content translating from one language to another.


Swedish language history

Swedish is an Indo-European language belonging to the North Germanic branch of the Germanic languages. Like all scandinavian languages, Swedish traces itself back from Old Norse, which was spread across Europe by Viking merchants (including settlements in present-day Russia), who made Old Norse one of the most widespread languages of their time.

Starting in the 9th century, Old Norse underwent splits and divisions over time that eventually gave birth to a remarkable three modern languages which are actually mutually intelligible – Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian! The common standardized language that Swedes speak today became firmly established by the Swedish government’s spelling reform of 1906.


Swedish dialects

The Swedish language knows various different forms and you can count many different dialects in Sweden. If you ever came across to visit the province of Sweden, you’ll notice and standard Swedish won’t save you.

The dialects of Swedish are organised into six general categories: South Swedish, Götaland, Svealand, Norrland, Finland Swedish, and Gotland. In these general categories are large numbers of local dialects, some with very small, tightly focused speaking populations. Charmingly, these dialects are often referred to as “Parish Dialects” because they are frequently restricted to a single parish in rural Sweden.

Many rural dialects – for example, in Dalarna or Ostrobothnia – have pretty noticeable phonetic and grammatical features, such as plural of verbs or archaic case inflection. These dialects may be hardly intelligible to the majority of Swedes.


The most widespread Scandinavian language

Swedish (svenska) is the most widespread Scandinavian language. It is spoken in Sweden, parts of Finland and autonomous Aland Islands. Until World War II, it was even spoken in parts of Estonia and Latvia, where there is still a Swedish minority remaining. There’s also a small Swedish-speaking minority in Ukraine, owing to those who settled there after they were forced out of Estonia in the 18th century, which was scooped up by the Russian Empire at that time.

Nevertheless, the swedish-speaking community is a small one compared to other languages. Nowadays nearly 10 million people worldwide speak swedish, though 90% of them live in Sweden. To put that into perspective, the total amount of Swedish speakers in the world could easily fit within the New York metropolitan area (21 million people).


3 Swedish-speaking countries worldwide


10 M native Swedish-speakers worldwide


N.1 country in the global English-proficiency ranking

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