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Thousands of businesses of all industries - from small e-commerce to large enterprises - use EasyTranslate's software to generate content from simple keywords to recruit teams of freelance translators or automate translation flows from various platforms.

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Content Generation

Make your content generation process faster with our brand new AI augmented content generator. With this tool, all you need is a list of keywords and we generate the content for you.

Enjoy full Transparency

Recruit and build your own team of freelance translators, share information, videos and guidelines, so your team can get started on your content and ensure consistency in style and terminology.

Effective Learning from your Content Edits!

Optimize AI-generated content with your improvement

One editor where you are able to review created content from keywords, machine-translated content or educate your freelancers from your content edits. With our augmented learning paths on all content improvements, you are saving time and money on all your content.


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Trigger any workflow directly from your CMS, PIM or other content management platforms

Imagine not having to import and export your texts every time you need multilingual content. With the EasyTranslate software you can transform your keywords into content and have that content translated straight into any language, then delivered back to all your online channels with just the click of a button.

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