Take translation to the next level with localisation software

Manage all translations from one central translation software platform

If you are ready to streamline your translation process and increase your productivity, then EasyTranslate's professional translation management system will be your best ally. Incorporating this tool into your workflow, you will improve your translation speed and quality with computer assisted translation and terminology management.

When you have to handle different languages and several freelance translators, there is a risk that things can get out of hand. However, translation software from EasyTranslate can streamline your process by keeping every file centralised, which helps you keep an overview and oversee the progress of your translation projects.


Enable continuous localisation and save developer time

Software localisation can be very time-consuming for developers, resulting in bottlenecks and causing release delays when entering new markets. This is why having access to a translation software along with its innovative features is a life saver. Here’s how these translation tools can make your localisation faster, easier, and more cost-efficient.

Goodbye to release delays thanks to seamless integration

The extensive amount of time spent on manual work in translation projects, such as extracting and uploading content, not only causes delays in software release dates, but it also takes away time that your developers could be spending on other important tasks. Use translation tools with plug and play Integrations to automate your software localisation and allow your developers to easily sync translation content from our translation software with just a couple of clicks without the need for any coding, thus minimising back and forths and saving time.

Avoid re-deployments by synchronising the strings of your translation projects

Making sure all your strings are translated into different languages can take up a lot of time, but also making what seems to be small changes to your translation can impact your workflows significantly resulting in re-deployments, which no one wants.

Use the String Library from our translation software for your translation projects to synchronise your assets and keep them updated at all times. This way you can avoid having untranslated strings and having to re-deploy because of missed translations and minor fixes.

Make repetitive tasks a thing of the past with translation software

According to research, over 60% of businesses find the content localisation process too manual. If you also find yourself or your team spending too much time on getting routine tasks done and handed over, you already know how this can result in less time for other tasks to be prioritised.

Remove repetitive processes and gather your regular translation tasks into a custom workflow. Automate them once and for all by creating Automatic Workflows with a smart localisation management system tailored to your company’s needs and structure. Doing so will allow your team to focus on other tasks, while the translation software and your workflows will take care of the rest and assure they run smoothly.

Ensure quality content localisation without constant managing

When dealing with software localisation, there’s already so much to do that having to spend time finding professional translators and managing who should do your translations and how, should be the last thing on your mind.

Reduce time spent on overseeing freelance translators, while still ensuring consistent quality output. Our translation software lets you create your customised Team of translators that will carry out their work behind the scenes without the need for your involvement leaving you with peace of mind.

Reduce margin for errors and ensure consistent quality translations

If you like many other companies are still relying on the outdated method of localisation, consisting of spreadsheets of content being sent around departments for manual translation revisions and approvals, you are not only increasing not only your working hours, but the risk for human error as well.

Through the use of an Editor Tool you can review, edit and comment on the content, as well as communicate directly with the translators, eliminating this error prone process.

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What our customers say about us


“I've met with professionals who adopt a comprehensive approach and systematically striving for understanding their customers' universe and requirements. They strive to provide their clients with the best solutions and well-suited offers.”

Frederic P
International Relations Manager


“EasyTranslate is really easy to use. It is available at any time and helps me to start up our projects easier. I also appreciate a quick response - whether it is a translation of the project, a response from the customer centre or a contact person.”

Jana M
Marketing Specialist


The communication with our EasyTranslate contact person is very flexible and solution-oriented, which is especially valuable when we launch in new markets or have larger projects in addition to our weekly content."

Marie L
Language Coordinator


"The translators we work with are very professional and efficient. We usually get translations back already the following day and when it takes a bit longer, the translator will write to let us know. That's something I really appreciate."

Loredana Elena M
Head of Communication & Brand

Simplify Your Journey

In all its simplicity, translation software is an application that supports human translators throughout the translation process. Its role is to improve your translation speed and quality with automation and terminology management.

Our Translation Software is available in both desktop and cloud versions, allowing you to access your cloud tools via a web browser or any other device as long as you are connected to the internet.

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Going Global and Staying Local

You know that many business opportunities are waiting for you just beyond your local market, but how do you position yourself in other countries or regions?

When a specific country has multiple official languages, you are likely to face challenges when translating your content for local audiences.

But it is not an impossible task, especially with the help of our Translation Software.

You can remove any repetitive translation process by using Automation Workflows, therefore ensuring your operational steps are as accurate and efficient as possible.

Your team can create unique and streamlined project flows that fit your specific needs. So it doesn’t matter which new market you are going to enter, you will be able to better manage the translation and localisation process.

Every file is centralised, which helps you keep an overview on the progress of your translation projects.


Consistency? Challenge Accepted!

It’s no easy task to achieve a consistent translation style, and it can be even harder when you have a large pool of translators to manage or a great amount of content to work on.

Consistency takes time and a lot of effort, but it is also a key element to your success.

You can make your journey easier by relying on Translation Memory. It is an important part of translation software, removing the need to translate content that was previously translated. This tool recommends an existing translation for a piece of text when you work on a similar text and you can then decide whether you want to use the recommendation or not.

You can save time and money by translating only new texts instead of the whole document. This comes in handy when you, for instance, update manuals or user guides.

You can also incorporate Term Bank into your projects and make sure that your specific stylistic preferences are integrated at all stages. This means that your tone of voice is consistent throughout your website, no matter the language.

Less Is More

Have you ever tried to write a document or an email only to find out later that you a few days ago wrote something quite similar? This also happens frequently with translation projects, where content reappears in category pages, product descriptions, emails, or contracts.

Instead of wasting time and risking inconsistency by translating it all over again, you can use Translation Software that recalls existing translations of the same copies, thus becoming more efficient and reducing your costs. It is then possible for your team to review the current translation and spend more time editing and optimising the content.

And if you need support in creating product descriptions, the Automatic Content Creation is your new partner. You can use your ready-to-go plugins, or you can choose the content directly through your CMS/PIM. Either way, the integration process is guaranteed to be a seamless one.

Frequently asked questions

How does translation software work?

With translation software from Easytranslate, you can improve both the speed and the quality of your translations. You are ready to begin your first translation project if you have a cloud-based version.

With the assistance of translation memory, the software will highlight terms and phrases already translated. This makes it easier for the translator to accept the suggested text or make any edits. Also, this means that the more translations that go through the translation software, the better it will get as your translation memory will be more efficient for future translations.

When the translation is finished, you and your team can download it in the same format as the original copy. With the help of various integrations, you can also export the translation directly to your CMS. Here are the integrations from EasyTranslate.

How can I access these tools?

You can access cloud-based translation tools from any device connected to the internet without the need to install different licenses. This will help your co-workers with increased flexibility to work wherever and whenever they want to, and they do not have to worry about losing or misplacing files.

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