Revolutionise your workflows with localisation management

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Automate your workflows and streamline the manual tasks of your translation team by using our AI-powered translation management system (TMS).

Our specialized TMS helps your organisation fulfill its goals of consistently delivering high-quality content within a shorter timeframe, while also enhancing your global communication.


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TMS is The Easyway

The EasyTranslate TMS is a software for automating various aspects of the human language translation process while also maximising translator efficiency. It helps you achieve a unified front for your business online - no matter the language and location.

By automating your existing workflows and generating new ones for different types of content, our TMS supports your business in optimising its multilingual content management systems. This is done by further enabling centralised management control and enhancing collaboration between translators, departments, and systems.

Listen to our clients


⁠I have been looking for a long time for an app (plugin) for my Shopify shop that I could manage by myself to install and get all content translated. Easytranslates app is so easy to use, and the translation quality is so amazing high even when I choose machine translation.

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Refocus Your Translation Tasks Where It Matters Most

You want to improve your outputs and simultaneously save time, but you know that when your team is dealing with large amounts of content, the translation process can quickly become burdensome and repetitive.

How about automating and customising your workflows according to your needs?

Our TMS eliminates much of the laborious tasks, such as opening files, and allows your translators to focus instead on the nuances and subtleties that ensure valuable outputs.

Our Translation Memory features will remember your previous actions, resulting in further workflow automation and optimisation of manual translation and localisation tasks. By letting our AI-powered software identify parts suitable for machine translation, you can minimise the amount of content that needs to be translated manually, leading to long-term cost savings and a faster time-to-market. In turn, you will be able to scale as your needs grow.

Maintain an Overview and Gather Insights

Having an overview of your translation and localisation processes can sometimes be a challenging and time-consuming task. But what if you had instant insights into your project and knew right from the start how resource planning is going to happen?

With the EasyTranslate TMS, you can gain real-time insights into project progress and performance. Our AI tools provide you with a specific date for translation completion, based on assessing translators’ performance and availability.

You will also be able to better monitor translation progress and access valuable analytics, as well as track various performance metrics of your translation and localisation projects.

Building a Stronger Team

Management and coordination issues might arise when your team needs to translate large amounts of content, and adding strict deadlines into the mix can only make the situation harder. Effective coordination among people and tasks can be hard to achieve and the heavy workload can take its toll on your team.

You can enhance collaboration between translators, departments, and systems when relying on our translation management system. By allowing you to connect directly with your translators, the Editor tool's chat option helps you break down communication barriers.

You can generate feedback with the comment function, which involves making real-time remarks that all team members can see and adapt to.

You will also be able to save time and increase productivity within your team, by making use of Translation Memory, as it stores your workflows and lets you reuse them whenever convenient.

A Seamless Integration

Does the thought of incorporating various tools into your translation processes seem overwhelming? We acknowledge you might be worried that yet another tool will make your work tasks more difficult, but this is not the case.

​​Our translation management system offers seamless integration into your current workflow and existing enterprise applications. With a centralised management platform that works closely together with your content management system (CMS), helpdesks, eCommerce solutions, and more, you can quickly and painlessly deploy any newly translated content.

With the EasyTranslate TMS, your organisation can integrate automatic processes into your translation workflow and achieve effective localisation.


Transparent pricing

With our flexible pricing plan, you can create your own customized solution. Pick and choose between our different features to get the absolute best match for your business.

Frequently asked questions

What are translation management systems?

A translation management system (TMS) is a workflow automation system to help translators streamline their translation projects via enabling centralised management, greater efficiency and stronger collaboration between parties, departments and systems.

How does a translation management system work?

Translation management systems use specialised software to automate certain manual translation tasks. Machine translation engines use natural language processing (NLP) to automatically handle laborious translation tasks, allowing translators to focus on nuances and subtleties that necessitate human input.

How do I choose a translation management system?

When choosing between a smaller and a full-scale enterprise translation management system there are a few key considerations to account for:

1. How large is the regular amount of content that needs to be translated?

2. What are the total number of languages and localisation that need to be included?

3. What is the number of digital platforms that operate with localisation?

4. How many parties are involved with the project?

5. What are the requirements for your brand guidelines? Feel free to take the necessary time to fully understand your needs before you decide on a solution.

What are TMS tools?

TMS tools are the built-in features for the translation management system that lets you manage translation and localisation projects as well as utilising centralised linguistic assets for the entire enterprise. Examples of TMS tools are analytics and reporting to help you track progress and ROI. Translation memory is another tool that helps you grow your term and localisation bank as you continue to use the TMS.

How is localisation different from translation?

Translation is the simple transformation process of a certain text that needs to be translated into another language. Localisation is the next step of translation, accounting for both cultural and linguistic differences, making the entire content or product piece truly localised for the country or region.

What is the difference between a translation management system and a content management system?

Translation management systems (TMS) offer a multilingual addition to content management systems (CMS). CMS is a software and a process that captures, stores, manages and distributes. various formats of text and imagery. TMS is commonly integrated with a CMS to support business management, utilise translation tools and translation memory as well as tracking individual translation progress.