Give your E-commerce business a boost with localisation

Localise to Sell More and Work Less

Localise your content and watch your business thrive. With professional content localisation, you can reach audiences in an authentic and natural way, embedding cultural norms into your communication. It’s no wonder that almost 73% of consumers prefer to shop online in their own language.

Our translation platform will also ensure that your workflow is becoming more efficient: you save time while your content is updated automatically and periodically.

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Easy E-commerce

E-commerce localisation implies that you offer international customers an online shopping experience indistinguishable from their ordinary native one.

EasyTranslate helps you achieve this, whether you choose freelance translators or machine translators. You create your own team and we enable smooth coordination of your localising process. You are able to build your own fully customisable translation flow or use machine translations, which will eliminate your repetitive tasks by integrating your translation directly into your CMS, PIM, or other content management platforms systems. This is done by further enabling centralised management control and enhancing collaboration between translators, departments, and systems.

Listen to our clients


⁠I have been looking for a long time for an app (plugin) for my Shopify shop that I could manage by myself to install and get all content translated. Easytranslates app is so easy to use, and the translation quality is so amazing high even when I choose machine translation.

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Meet Customers Where They Are

Entering a foreign market is a high-risk move, but it can also be a high-reward one if done properly. So how do you ensure your business does it properly?

There are certain aspects that need to be taken into consideration, which can impact the way you approach new audiences. Cultural norms or jargon and slang are good examples, as they greatly influence the quality of your communication to new customers.

Our professional translators can convey the personality of your brand from one language to another while also ensuring your content is culturally adapted. You will also be sure that your content sounds natural and is fluent, without indication of it not being in the original language. You will achieve this result no matter if it’s about your website, product description, or other types of content.


Enabling Your Potential

In a typical translation and localisation process, you and your team will be required to share, export, and view a lot of files, as well as update translations periodically. This can, of course, take a lot of time and effort and, as a result, impact your productivity.

You can optimise your content, localisation processes, and costs by using our AI-based solutions. It’s up to you which tool to use and when, according to your needs.

With the EasyTranslate integration, your content will be updated automatically and directly into the tool or CMS platform you choose, helping you save time and effort.

If you need to automatically generate tailor-made product description texts, SaaS will support you in achieving this.

And if you are looking for an efficient and affordable opportunity for your business, machine translation is the answer. Optimised for e-commerce, the software understands the principles of products, attributes, categories, and context in a way that standard machine translation cannot.

Everything Within Reach

Your business has to deal with various types of content and having to maintain multiple versions of each can be a challenging task.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can become more productive by using the various tools and features we provide you with.

Your e-commerce business can rely on our translation and localisation services when entering a new market. Through EasyAcademy, your translator team will be trained and equipped with the knowledge needed when targeting diverse audiences. 

And to increase your efficiency while minimising your effort, you can use our AI tools, such as Translation Memory, which keeps track of your past workflows and allows you to reuse them.


Transparent pricing

With our flexible pricing plan, you can create your own customized solution. Pick and choose between our different features to get the absolute best match for your business.

Frequently asked questions

What does e-commerce translation mean?

The purpose is to provide international customers with an online shopping experience indistinguishable from their ordinary native experience. This makes it possible for businesses to compete on an even playing field with local competitors. As a result, e-commerce localisation goes beyond the process of translation. Localisation is a broader term describing all aspects of preparing your online business to expand to new markets and grow international sales.

What is the difference between e-commerce translation and localisation?

Translation and localisation are two different processes. However, adapting the right message is usually also a part of adopting the digital experience. Usually, translation is the starting point of the whole localisation process, which extends to adapting every aspect of your product to fit your target market’s preferences, like unit and currency conversion, date formats, imagery, legal regulations, and technological standards.