Translation plugin for Google Drive

Install our free translation plugin for Google Doc and Google Sheet and reap the benefits of ordering translations directly within your Google Drive.


Translate straight into Google Drive

Managing all your files in Google Drive can be quite a hassle. Translating them shouldn’t be one of them. We help you simplify your workflow by allowing you to translate your documents directly within Google Drive. It has never been easier to add languages, with a service that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow.

Seamless integration

This service is adapted to your needs and the technology that you use, and your content is delivered in any language required, no matter how complex your Google Drive is.

Set the wheels into motion with a simple click, and our platform will automatically start off your project. You can select your languages and customise your pool of translators. Once the translation is complete, it is integrated within your designated file in Google Drive in no time.

Fully transparent

Your translation process has just become so much faster! Of course, you are able to keep track of your project at any time, anywhere. With the Google Drive plugin, you also still have access to all the translation management tools that our platform has to offer. Access information, track progress and collaborate with us or your team of translators.

Plugin for Google Docs

You can now translate your Google Docs automatically at the click of a button. The feature is easy to implement and simple to use. It also allows you to have all your translated Google Drive documents in one same location. We fully respect your graphic layout and will deliver the translation to you in the format and layout you prefer to have it match your own Google Docs.

Set the wheels into motion with a simple click, and our plugin will automatically start off your project. You can select your languages and customise your pool of translators and their order of priority so that the parametres are set for all future projects. Just order your translation straight from Google Docs and let us take care of the rest.

Plugin for Google Sheets

Translating your various Google Sheets has never been easier, whether it’s having specific elements translated or the full sheet. Our plugin allows you to pick specific columns needing translations directly within Google Sheets, and it is fast and easy. Now you can focus on other tasks while we take care of your translation projects, from the moment you order them until they are returned into your folder.

Using Google Sheets for your product description translations? Our plugin will simplify that process for you. You just mark a column and then have the translation delivered back to you in a different column, in the language of your choosing. One instalment of our plugin and all your translations will be gathered on your Google Drive.

Your Team of Fixed Translators

The moment you request a translation through our plugin we will find an available translator from your pool of hand picked highly qualified translators and assign him/her to your project. You are always in full control and can customise your own team of translators to handle your specific projects.

We make sure that the translator handling your task is well-versed within your field and able to provide tailored translations in the shortest of times. When the translation is done it will be delivered straight into your folder.

Top Quality

Rest assured, although this is a fully automated and rapid process, we are able to guarantee top quality translations within your Google Drive program. Better than any machine generation translation tools, we provide tailored and industry specific translations at affordable rates.

With us, get access to a network of over 10.000 experienced and highly qualified translators who will make sure to adapt your material to fit your brand identity, line of business and tone of voice. We make sure to evaluate our team of translators on a regular basis to ensure utmost quality.