Custom translation flow

The Language-as-a-Service packages are built to provide catered solutions for each one of our clients. We aim to offer you flexible and tailored solutions that fit with your existing workflow. Whether you have special requirements for your team of translators or need a specific plugin, we have the features to support you.

Your team of translators

Create your own team

Finding and recruiting translators can be tough, and we are here to ease the process for you, giving you access to a large network of translators and helping you in your selection and onboarding procedures. With Language-as-a-Service, you can put together your own team of preferred translators that we onboard for you and that will automatically be assigned to your projects. This guarantees consistency in your work and saves time in the long run which is beneficial both for you and your team of translators.

Editor access

Share your feedback

With Language-as-a-Service, get Editor access to make changes during the revision phase of the translation process yourself. Our tools allow you to go in and make changes in the translated text that your translator will review and take into account as a learning for future texts. These changes will also be registered in the Translation Memory.

Translate yourself

Work directly within the platform

Do you have in-house translators for some or all of your translation needs? With Language-as-a-Service, you can use the EasyTranslate platform and tools with your own in-house translators. This way, keep all your projects in one place and benefit from our quality tools such as Machine Translation, Translation Memory and Term Bank, read more about these here.

Custom translation workflows

We pave the path for you

When you sign up with Language-as-a-Service, you have an initial meeting with us where we get to know your way of working and adapt the workflow to your needs. Assessing your requirements and expectations, we are able to present you with an easy and efficient workflow that makes sense for you.


Your translation arrives straight into your software

Streamline your translation process within your own online tool thanks to our easy-to-use integrations. With Language-as-a-Service, EasyTranslate is able to virtually support your goal to go global with multilingual online content. It has never been easier to add languages to within your own system, with a service that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow.