EasyTranslate Academy

Our e-learning platform brings our translators and our clients closer together


*Please note that we only accept business clients


E-learning for seamless translations

We always make sure to find highly qualified translators that match perfectly with our clients’ needs. This becomes all the easier with our e-learning platform, EasyTranslate Academy, assuring closer collaboration between our clients and our translators.

We are always looking for new ways to save your time and resources! This is why we’ve developed EasyTranslate Academy, a platform to facilitate knowledge sharing between you and our translators. Design custom made programmes to onboard translators for your specific projects. It is a sure way to guarantee alignment in your communications across languages.

We care about delivering seamless translations that are perfectly in line with your company values, tone of voice and target audience. The more information you share, the more we can guarantee translations that meet your communication expectations and requirements.


A knowledge sharing platform

EasyTranslate Academy is catered to you and your company. We help you build modules filled with information and guidelines illustrating your communication requirements. Once this is set up and running, we make sure that translators go through these modules to onboard them for your projects. The result? Our translators are confident that they have access to all information, saving them time usually spent on research. As for you, you can rest assured that your projects are being handled by fully qualified and assessed translators, who will stay true to your communication style, and ensure consistency throughout all projects.


All professional translators that we work with are highly qualified and experienced within their subject areas, and we want to take this a step further by ensuring that they are also fully trained for your specific content.

The more the translators know about you and your business, the better the translations. With this platform, we help you to build a set process, giving the linguists access to the right know-how, terminology, communications style, tone of voice and other relevant information.



Build your own programme with tailor-made modules for your company business and projects. Through EasyTranslate Academy, you can share training materials in the format of your choice, including videos and quizzes. This way, our translators can really get a feel for your brand, message and tone of voice.

Education and quality assurance

By receiving the right education, our linguists have the knowledge required to deliver high quality and tailored translations. EasyTranslate Academy is an opportunity for translators to become familiar with your business and terminology. They are able to assess their knowledge through tests, making sure to have understood and retained all information.

Want more say in the choice of translators? We are here to help you and will put our knowledge and experience to use to help you with finding the right match for your projects. Through EasyTranslate Academy and your custom-built modules, you are also able to test and train the translators. Get an idea of how they work and take part in the sourcing process. With this platform, we hope to provide you with a solution that you trust, that is time and cost-efficient.