Translation technologies to scale your translation process

Have access to the latest technology to make sure that you receive quick, simple and affordable solutions for your translation needs. The various Language-as-a-Service quality features will not only reduce the time and resources spent on your projects, but also increase their levels of quality and efficiency.


Speed up your translation process

Machine translation is a quick and easy fix when wanting to speed up your translation process. It is an instant, cheap and easy solution for those more urgent projects. A machine translation will automatically translate your content while ensuring that the quality is upheld. Although it cannot compare with human translations, it is a great way to fast forward the translation process. A machine translated text will require post editing by a professional human translator, and this demands less time than a regular translation project.

Save time and money in the long term

A translation memory keeps a history of your previous translations. It recognises and re-uses all translated segments from previous projects, resulting in more consistency. This tool helps to make sure that your translated content is aligned, with recurring terms and phrases throughout your projects. Not only does this tool help maintain consistency, it is also an opportunity for quicker and more affordable translations in the long run. With each translation project, your translation memory grows, and your prices decrease accordingly. With each new project, we run an analysis to detect any matches with your translation memory. When an exact match is detected, this is deducted from the price.


Stay consistent throughout

A term bank is there for you to make sure that your stylistic preferences are taken into account throughout your projects, so that your tone of voice is consistent in all languages. With the term bank, share your preferred terms and increase in consistency throughout all your projects. This tool is the primary asset for terminology management and is typically a compilation of industry specific and product related terms that are specific to you and your brand. The term bank is your own customised glossary, for the translator to use.