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At EasyTranslate we are experts in English to Russian translations. We provide tailored and industry specific translations at affordable rates. With us you get access to a network of over 10.000 experienced and highly qualified translators who will make sure to adapt your material to fit your brand identity, line of business and tone of voice.

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EasyTranslate is all about making the English to Russian translation as smooth and convenient for you as possible. Our platform is fast and easy to use, and you can make your request at anytime, anywhere and with only a few clicks. Once you’ve completed your order you can track the status of your translation on our platform - it will be ready for you in less than 48 hours.

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Get support throughout the entire translation process from our dedicated team of experts. Their expertise in linguistics and a wide range of industries allows them to find the right English to Russian translator for your translation project. They work closely with our translators to make sure that all your translation needs are met and that nothing is left to circumstances.


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We do all kinds of translation services, so whether your business needs regular English to Russian translation, certified translation, subtitling or something completely different, we have got you covered.

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If you’re looking for other services than the ones listed above, then please contact our sales team. We will most likely be able to cover those too.

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At EasyTranslate we provide English to Russian translations for a wide range of industries and our translators all have the needed expertise to deliver tailored translations that fit your specific line of business.




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Customers prefer to buy products from websites in their own language. Period! Therefore it’s crucial for e-commerce businesses to provide all information in their customers native language if they want to boost their sales. Product descriptions are a big part of this and with our platform you will get top quality descriptions fast and easy. We have a proven record in helping companies increase their conversion rate by creating a consistent buyer experience through translations.

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At EasyTranslate we provide state-of-the-art translation tools to make the English to Russian translations run smoothly and cost-efficiently. By utilising our smart tools to drive your business globally, you get consistency in the nature and quality of your language.


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Our platform protects your files and data, keeping it completely secure and confidential for you to order professional English to Russian translations. Our rich set of platform features helps you to comply with data protection regulations and gain increased transparency and control.


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Meet our English to Russian translators

Our team of dedicated English to Russian translators are the best in their field and put their passion for language at your service. They have years of experience and know the language in all its little details and complexities. With all of them being native-speakers and having followed specific training courses, they have certifications that recognize their language level and qualify them as expert English to Russian translators.

From global to local

English to Russian localisation

As you may know, there isn’t really one single universal Russian language. Many words and phrases can be singular to a particular area and would be as foreign to a Russian-speaker from outside the region as words from Mandarin or Elvish. On the other hand, there are some words that can be used in all regions but which have totally different meanings depending on which region you’re in.

Localisation goes beyond the mere translation of content. It’s about understanding the culture behind the specific language to make it look and sound more native to your target audience. So, if you’re planning on expanding your business to the Russian market, it’s important to employ the right language. You want the language to sound as natural as possible to the locals, but you also want to avoid mistakenly offending anyone. Therefore, only qualified and experienced English-Russian translators can deliver the right and appropriate content when translating from English to Russian.


Russian is the gateway to a global market

Translating your content to Russian, today, offers many advantages, whether you want to enter a new market, or to take part in one of the world’s biggest economies. It is also the language of exceptional poetry and literature, and it will give you a deeper and richer understanding of Western culture.

Russian is spoken as a first language by around 160 million people, in at least 41 territories and as a second language by around 100 million people worldwide. It was the language of the former Soviet Union, and still has significant numbers of speakers in former Soviet states, and further afield across Europe and Asia. In addition, it was the very first language to be spoken in space (by Yuri Gagarin in 1961).

Essentially, if you’re anywhere in Eastern Europe, you can probably wing it with some basic Russian in your back pocket.


4 Russian-speaking countries worldwide


8th most widely spoken language in Europe


260 M Russian speakers worldwide


English-Russian language history

The English and Russian languages have very different origins. English is a West Germanic language and is the most spoken language of the Germanic languages while Russian finds it roots in the Slavic languages. Russian is one of the existing three main languages within the East Slavic sub-family, but it didn’t emerge as its own distinct tongue until the late Middle Ages; Standard Russian (based on the Moscow dialect) became the official language in the mid-1800s. Previously, East Slavic was essentially the same as “Old Russian” — the prototype of modern-day Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian.

As you can imagine, English and Russian are very different in a lot of important language aspects. While English share a lot in common with languages like Spanish and Italian, Russian is a lot closer to other Slav languages like Polish and Czech. One of the main and most obvious differences between the two languages is the Alphabet: Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, whereas English uses Latin.


English to Russian translation costs

When calculating translation prices and rates, we always look into each case individually. Complexity, volume, time frame, translation tools used, file type and other more specific needs all come into consideration for us to offer you top quality service at the best price. Of course, the language combination is also taken into account. English to Russian is a relatively common language combination, and therefore tends to be more affordable than some rarely requested combinations with fewer available translators. All projects are assigned to professional translators that are experts within the concerned fields, and they make sure to do the necessary research to understand the purpose, target audience, context and tone of voice of the original texts, so that these key elements come across in the final outcome.


Links between the English and Russian markets

900 000 US residents are born in Russia, and 66 000 UK residents. In fact, London is said to be a second home for Russians. There is a large Russian speaking community living in London from a variety of different backgrounds. The UK even publishes Russian newspapers and magazines, and some TV channels are in Russian.

The two languages are linked, both having a strong presence in the English and Russian markets. It is important to consider this when looking into translations for your content.


Looking for more languages?

If you’re looking for anything else than English to Russian translations then we will surely have you covered. We provide more than 70 language solutions from our network of more than 10.000 qualified translators. So whether you’re looking for Spanish, Turkish or Chinese translation we will make sure to find the right translator for your project.

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