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Translation certification has never been so simple

Instant access to a global network of certified translators

EasyTranslate grants you access to a global network of talented translators which reside in, and are certified by the official authorities of the country where your documents need to be submitted. By always having access to a certified translator, you can deliver official documents when and wherever you need according to deadlines, regardless of the language.

Discover specialised and verified translators

A translator for every document

We verify each and every translator who becomes part of our network. This means not only verifying that their native language is fluent and correct, but that they have all the necessary skills to produce certified translations. The linguistics skills required are essential, but so are their specialist skills. Experience of the legal industry, for example, is one such skill that many certified translations require. From knowledge of local jurisdiction requirements to an understanding of Latin legal terminology, it’s these skills that ensure your certified documents are entirely accurate.

Let our premium service guide you

Get free assistance with your certified translations

Our Account Managers are dedicated to providing the best certified translations solution for your business. They ensure your translation is of the highest quality, stamped and delivered by email and/or post. By having your very own Account Managers to assist you, you can get your business done conveniently and on time, without worry. We know that sometimes you have too much on your plate to sit and choose a translator and track the progress of your certified translations via our platform. Delegate to our free service and let us ensure translation perfection for you. All our Account Managers have market experience and expertise as well as cultural insights to help your certified translation read smoothly.


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Translation certification for any niche

Get a dedicated team of certified translators specialised in your industry

Your dedicated team of translators stand ready to provide premium quality, certified documents for your business operations anywhere in the world. Each translator is an expert in your industry and qualified by local authorities. By having your own team of translators that know exactly what your business needs, you can deliver certified documents anywhere you need. EasyTranslate can put your business ahead with certified translations to improve business communications.

We know speed should never compromise quality

Get your certified translations on time and within budget

We have developed newer, more technologically focused methods to provide efficient, high quality certified translation solutions. We translate, certify, and deliver your stamped documents by email and/or post. By working with the smartest and most efficient translation solutions provider, your work is always done on time and within budget. In fact, the more translations you send to us, the more we’ll be able to hone-in our skills and provide an even faster service.

Why certification is a must

Only certified translations will do

Translation Certification is essential for many translated texts, particularly documents and papers. In the legal and medical industry, certifying your translations isn’t just a good sign, it’s a must. For courts to accept and use a translated document, for example, it must be certified as accurate and authentic, not just a convenience translation word for word.

Receiving certified translations means that your document or text has been translated by a specialist expert who’s not just a linguistics pro but has an in-depth knowledge of the subject too. You can feel confident that specialist terminology and best practices of the industry are passed on to the new translation. This is something a generic translation agency will never be able to provide.

For professional documents, only certified translations will do

The key benefits of a certified translation

When you need birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other legal documents translated, they must be certified translations for them to be valid. EasyTranslate offers this translation certification process – something you won’t be able to find from subpar translation companies offering notarised translations.

Certification is a stamp of reliability and quality. Even if your documentation doesn’t essentially need to be certified, we certainly understand the desire to obtain it anyway. No matter the industry, document type or length, we have expert certified translators ready and waiting.

At EasyTranslate, we only entrust translations to native speakers. This ensures that not only is the translation an accurate and true depiction of the original document, but it also reads naturally and flows as if a native speaker wrote it.


Essential for official documents


Reliability and quality


Approval from native speakers

Enhance with GDPR approved security

Translation certification platform

When sending official documents to be translated and returned to you, it is imperative that you choose a service that you can trust. EasyTranslate has developed an encrypted platform with the latest security features that are recommended and approved by EU GDPR guidelines, so that your documents will always be safe and secure. In fact, they’ll only ever be seen by you and your verified translator with no third parties involved.

Receive your translation by e-mail or post

Fast delivery of certified documents

It can take as little as 48 hours for the entire process from contacting our team at EasyTranslate to receiving your documents. You can easily scan in your documents and send them to us via the platform. We can send your certified translations back to you via email or via the postal service – or both if you’d prefer. There’s also express delivery available with tracking and signature for private and confidential translated documents.

A professional translation service

Certified translations with EasyTranslate

When speed is of the essence, but you still require a secure and certified service that you can trust, EasyTranslate is waiting for you. With access to over 10,000 certified translators via our premium certified translation platform, sending your official documents and papers to be certified and verified has never been easier. Learn more about our top translation service today.