Translation memory

Our translation memory helps you go global while saving you time and money


*Please note that we only accept business clients


What is a translation memory?

A translation memory stores your previous translations to ensure consistent and cost-efficient translations in the long run. The larger the translation memory, the lower the costs, and the faster the translations.


Consistency matters

The translation memory allows you to have consistency throughout your translations. With each project that you carry out with us, your translation memory will store all translated sentences into segments that can be reused for new projects. Everytime you send a new text in for translation, the segments will be automatically matched with previous content. Depending on the accuracy of the matches, the translated segments will be reused. Our translators will always check that the matches fit with the context of the text they are working on.

Increased speed and reduced costs

Your translation memory will grow with every project that you run through the EasyTranslate platform. Exact matches from previous translations are used automatically as suggestions for the translator, having an impact on the speed and cost of your translation projects. With matches being filled in automatically, translators are able to accelerate their work, and the cost per word decreases for clients.


Quality is key

By saving previous sentences we get a better understanding of your content and your linguistic preferences, and we are able to guarantee consistency and quality throughout your translations. As a matter of fact, if you already have a translation memory from a different translation company, you are able to implement that translation memory within the EasyTranslate platform, and we will then deploy it in order to optimise the process for you.