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What is a term bank?

A term bank is there for you to make sure that your stylistic preferences are taken into account throughout your projects, so that your tone of voice is consistent in all languages. With the term bank, share your preferred terms and increase consistency throughout all your projects. This tool is the primary asset for terminology management and is typically a compilation of industry specific and product related terms that are specific to you and your brand. The term bank is your own customised glossary, that serves as guidance for the translators working on your projects.


Build your own database

Often, words can have various different meanings. These can make the translation process more complex, time consuming and costly, as research is required in order to find the correct term to use when translating. Choosing the right word is significant for clear communication.

This is where the term bank comes to the rescue! Use your term bank to build a database of various terminologies in order to prevent ambiguity and inconsistency when doing translations. It helps you (and our translators) recognise your terminology and controls that the correct terms are used for your specific material and in the right context. Your term bank is an extremely valuable customisable tool as it ensures that your translation projects maintain the high standards that your business demands.

Increased speed and reduced costs

By providing a complete and accurate term bank, you will eliminate the need for terminology research and reduce turnaround time in the long term. The less time translators have to spend on research, the quicker the translation process. Less time also means less money, so this increase in speed will result in a decrease in costs for your projects.


Quality is key

The term bank is a key reference for our translators to ensure that their work is aligned with your expectations. This, along with a style guide and your translation memory, will improve the consistency and accuracy of your translations, ensuring that you receive translations that meet your quality requirements.

Your term bank is connected to your account for use throughout your projects, and you are able to edit and approve terms at any given time. Your term bank grows and changes alongside your projects in the long term, becoming increasingly specific to you and your brand.