Team of translators

Our highly qualified translators will help you make your business global


*Please note that we only accept business clients


Experienced translators

Our translators are very passionate about languages and always keen to help out with your translation projects. They are the very best in their field and are fully committed to help you to make your business global with top quality tailored translations.

All our translators are experienced and understand the complexities of linguistics and translations. They are well-versed in specific industries which allows them to adjust your content to reach your target customer within your specific field. Moreover, they have a cultural understanding of your local language and will make sure to adapt your material to fit your brand identity, line of business and tone of voice.

Assemble your own team

Do you have a preferred translator that you want to use for your project? Not a problem! At EasyTranslate, you can choose which translator you wish to work with for each specific project. You can even create your own pool of preferred translators directly within our platform. That way, you make sure that your translations remain consistent at all times and that the tone of voice is kept.


Quality matters

At EasyTranslate we have high standards and we do our utmost to make sure that our translators live up to our requirements and deliver translations of the highest quality - every time. In order to be approved for our platform, all translators require a university level degree within a specific language or minimum 5 years of experience in translation.

Once they are onboarded onto our platform, they are evaluated and tested on a regular basis to ensure that their work lives up to our high standards. This way we can be sure that they are always on top of their game and able to provide you with top quality translations that fit your needs.