Machine Translation

Our machine translation will speed up your translation process while ensuring quality


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What is a machine translation?

With the evolution of technology and an increasing demand for speedy and affordable translations, machine translation has become a central tool in the localisation process. This automated translation process uses smart technology to translate texts from one language to another. A translator then works on the post editing of the translated text, to ensure top quality and coherence throughout.


Increased speed and reduced costs

Machine translation is a quick and easy fix when wanting to speed up your translation process. It is an instant, cheap and easy solution for those more urgent projects. A machine translation will automatically translate your content while the translator will do the post editing to ensure that the quality is upheld. This tool is especially useful for high volume content with tight deadlines, that contains simple text. Product descriptions and manuals are perfect examples of the type of content that can really benefit from machine translations.

Quality is key

As well as speeding up the translation process, machine translation also improves the quality of your translations as it helps our translators deliver better quality.

Translators no longer need to worry about constructing basic language structures. Instead, they are able to spend their time crafting the perfect well-rounded final content that matters to our customers.


The added value of human translators

Machine translation is a very accurate tool to use and has a large impact on speed and cost. Of course, human translators are still crucial to the process as they add much needed value.

One of the main elements lacking in machine translation is the ability to depict nuances and subtleties in language at the same level as humans can. Machine translations can end up being literal, whereas human translators will take context into consideration.

When translating text with a strong need of brand identity and tone of voice, professional human translation or post editing are the way to go.