You know your translator, and your translator knows you

Would you hire a content writer and let them write content directly from day one, with no onboarding process? The various features available with Language-as-a-Service all contribute towards making sure that your translators get to know you and your brand, making them well prepared to work as a part of your team.

EasyTranslate Academy

A knowledge sharing platform

With EasyTranslate Academy, your team of translators obtains the education and comprehension necessary to master your localisation projects. Through the Academy, we assist you by training and testing your translators with your content and processes, while also keeping them up to date with our internal tools. From written instructions, guidelines and brand information videos to audio/visual content, we make sure your brand universe is well represented so that your team gets a holistic understanding of your needs. More than a knowledge bank, EasyTranslate Academy enables you to keep up with each member of your team’s performance and familiarity within specific topics. The result? You will receive better quality translations in no time, from your happy team of translators that receive all the guidance they need!

Test translations

Make sure that the match fits

So, how do you go about selecting potential translators for your team? Test translations will help you narrow down your selection and pick out the best matches. By conducting test translations, we are able look into closer detail at style compatibility, communication form and overall quality. To conduct our test translations we use a standardised methodology with objective assessment that enables us to determine suitability and to benchmark across client domains and language pairs. These assessments are also carried out regularly after the initial onboarding process with all active translators, to guarantee top quality performance throughout our collaboration.

What does a test translation consist of?

Each translator has a sample text to translate, and is requested to describe the specific linguistic strategies used, outlining their technique and approach throughout. This information shows performance as well as thought process, and is a crucial part to determining a translator’s suitability for a given project.

Style Guide

Share your lingo

We can not emphasise enough how important it is to provide a style guide for your team of translators to be familiar with your linguistic style and preferences right from the start of your project. What’s in a style guide? This is your way to define how you express yourself to reach the right audience. Make sure to include specific strategies for local languages, an outline of your target audience and your outreach strategy, and anything else that you consider to be important in your external communications. Don’t worry, we are here to assist you and will make sure that we ask all the necessary questions so that nothing is lost, and that your team is able to work on customised content for each market, ensuring maximum impact around the globe.

Linguistic Assets

An enabling workbench

We make sure to provide a complete toolbox of linguistic assets for your translators to be able to succeed on any assignment. This includes Translation Memory, which stores previous translated segments for reuse in new translations. As well as decreasing the time and cost of translations, this is very beneficial for translators to be able to align their style and terminology with previous translations to ensure consistency. We also provide a Term Bank: a word list with your preferred terminology choices. This is another useful tool for consistency and alignment with your identity.


File import setting

Are your files non editable? Is your content marked up or encoded? We are able to set up the necessary import configurations to make sure that your text strings are supported and ready for translation.