Go Global with EasyTranslate

Congratulations! You have been selected for the ManoMano cross-border programme!


Boost your international sales!

Boost your international sales by localising your product catalogue, the entry point to your new cross-border adventure. ManoMano and EasyTranslate have now successfully launched their partnership. Together, we will make sure to localise your product descriptions for audiences across Spanish, German, Italian, French and English markets.

We are very excited to assist you in your journey to go global!

Things to know before you get started


1. What is the partnership between EasyTranslate and ManoMano?

This partnership allows you to benefit from very attractive prices and a pool of dedicated linguists who are especially trained to ManoMano website specifics.


2. How will we support your translation projects?

We have created a pool of native linguists for you that are experts in technical translations within the DIY, gardening and home & living categories. We have run a full assessment with these dedicated linguists to make sure your products are translated accurately and localised to your new target markets.

Feel free to contact us so we can give you the best support possible!

Effective communication

3. Get an instant quote!

Once you decide to translate your product catalogue with us, your ManoMano Account Manager will create an EasyTranslate account for you. You are now only a few clicks away from getting a quote!

All you need to do, is log in and upload your file for translation. You will then receive your quote in no time!

We accept payments by Credit Card or SEPA Direct Debits. The amount will be charged from your account after your translation has been delivered. For details about supported file types, file formatting etc. please see our guidelines which are available for download here.


4. Customer support

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us by phone on

+33 1 87 65 04 04 or by email at support@easytranslate.com