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When translation is not enough

Localisation is more than just translation

A proper translation needs localisation. Merely translating content word by word can lead to serious repercussions for your business as you can risk failing to connect with your target customers. Therefore, localisation is a key element when doing translations as it helps you reach a specific audience.

Localisation refers to the process in which your language is adapted to a specific market and culture. It means that cultural and linguistic differences are taken into account in the translation process, in order to make your page and other content sound and appear local to the user.

Buying behaviour is determined by language

Localisation to reach anyone in their local culture

A misconception when doing business often sounds like this: why translate your website to other languages when everyone speaks English anyway?

English is the number one language of the internet. However, relying solely on English isn’t enough when targeting new markets. Studies show that even in countries where people speak impeccable English, there’s a buying behaviour preference towards the customer’s native language. People simply prefer to buy products in their own language.

On top of that, 56% of internet users say obtaining information in their own language is more important than price. Finally, 9 in 10 internet users always visit a website in their native language when the option is there, according to a survey conducted by the European Commission.

By localising your material, you take all these factors into account and make sure that your intended target audience is addressed in the right way. Adapting to the customer’s native language and culture is a prerequisite for you in order to turn your local business into global business.

Great ROI expected

Localisation drives conversion

Localising your content and material into multiple languages can have a massive effect on your business. Not only will localisation boost your global reach, but it will also increase your conversion immensely.

According to research, having your website translated into local languages will result in an increase in conversion of about 70%. In addition, a survey made by Common Sense Advisory, showed that companies having their website translated with a focus on localisation, have a 1,5 higher chance of witnessing an increase in revenue. For the fortune 500 companies, the chances of experiencing higher revenue increased by 2,04.

All in all, the ROI of localisation is enormous and shows that you can no longer ignore the gains it can bring to your business. If global expansion is on your roadmap, then localisation is a must-have investment.

The big gains

Key benefits of localisation

Doing localisation can bring a whole string of benefits to your business. Not only do you meet your customer/consumer at eye level, you also establish your brand’s credibility and build trust. In addition, you will boost your sales and enhance the overall user-experience while improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) at the same time.

Having your content and material fully localised makes sure that nothing gets lost in translation, and as a result, the user will feel much more secure when engaging with your business.


Builds trust


Drives sales


Improves user-experience

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