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Medical translation

Let professionals handle your medical translation. Our hand-picked translating experts are certified to work with any medical text.

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Quality medical translations

Our hand-selected translators are specially trained and verified to work with medical translations. We know that maintaining the highest quality of your medical documents is vital, with no room for error. As a dedicated medical translation agency, we are best placed to offer you the premium service you require.

EasyTranslate gives you access to native speakers who are not only experts at translating, but also have the in-depth knowledge required to seamlessly translate the specialist texts in the medical field.


Why you need a dedicated medical translation agency

Unlike regular un-specialised translators, a dedicated medical translation agency like EasyTranslate offers you an abundance of skills for your disposal. Our language experts are rigorously tested to ensure they can provide a perfect translation every time.

  • Technical medical texts require a higher level of intelligence to interpret and translate, something only the top translators have.

  • The specific terminology used in medical documents is unique to the industry. It takes a professional translator with medical knowledge to translate these correctly from one language to another.

  • Context is often vitally important to the clarity and meaning of your medical texts. Our hand-selected medical translators have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, with many having a history of working in the healthcare sector themselves.

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The skills our medical translators have acquired are not something a generic translating agency will be able to offer you. No matter how skilled the translator, a working knowledge of the medical industry is essential for correct medical translations.

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Understanding the requirements for medical translations

The quality of your medical documents must be maintained when translated, so the finished text reads as accurately and precisely as the original.

There are also legal and regulatory conditions to consider, especially when translating medical texts originating in different jurisdictions. Above all else, you need the quality of your medical translation to be the best possible.

This is what drives us at EasyTranslate. We understand the need for perfection, especially in the medical industry, and train our translators to the highest possible level.

We are also keenly aware of the privacy medical documents require, hence creating a completely secure and confidential platform where files are handled securely, and data protection is a top priority. EasyTranslate has GDPR certified and approved security measures in place.


Expert translators are essential for medical translations

Our expert medical translators are meticulous when it comes to detail. We are never afraid to spend extra time working thoroughly over medical texts, because we understand the consequences of a mistranslation. Nothing less than perfect will be accepted.

Using a non-specialised translator for your important medical texts is a grave error, the consequences of which can be severe. A mistranslation could cause various worst-case scenarios.

  • The impact on patient care, the goal of the medical industry, could be compromised by erroneous translations passed from one medical professional to another.
  • Validity of documents may be nulled by mistranslated texts, causing administrational issues that take time and money to resolve.
  • Legal issues may arise where texts are misinterpreted when translated, whether they directly impact patient care or simply the day-to-day running of the hospital. The cost of a lawsuit due to mistranslated contracts within the industry could be serious enough to cause bankruptcy.

It is essential that your medical translation is handled by a translator with experience and seniority, who speaks the native language and understands the consequences of a mistranslation.

EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR) – are you ready?

The EU MDR becomes mandatory in May 2020, requiring medical device content be translated to up to 24 languages for products marketed in the EU. These newer, stricter rules are created with patient well-being in mind, ensuring no mistranslations impact their care or ability to use medical devices.

The results of this new legislation have been an influx of companies rushing to translate the documents associated with over 500,000 types of medical devices currently on the market. As the deadline nears, the demand for our professional medical translators will only increase.

Ensure that you are ready for the changes in the coming year now, whether you intend to adjust your existing labels and instructions or require completely new texts to be translated. Understanding the new rules in place can be arduous, but we’ve ensured all our specialist translators are up to date and have a complete understanding of the requirements you now face.

To find out how EasyTranslate can help you prepare for MDR and provide exceptional medical translating services, contact us here.


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