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Marketing translation

When it comes to marketing translations, you need an expert. Our media translators can translate texts to perform highly in any language.

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Media and marketing translations

Understanding the nuances of marketing texts is something our translators are experts at. At EasyTranslate, we hand-select each translator for our marketing translation platform. Whether you need carefully crafted SEO texts translated for your website or your high-performance marketing campaign explained in another language, we can help.

EasyTranslate is a premium media translation service that can translate any marketing-related text into over 50 different languages. No matter where your target audience resides, with EasyTranslate you can reach them in their native language.


The benefits of a dedicated marketing translation platform

At EasyTranslate, our hand-picked translators are more than just regular translators. We only work with trained and verified experts. That means when you send your marketing texts for translation, they’ll be handled by a professional with a background in marketing, digital or otherwise.

  • Our marketing-experienced translators understand the purpose of your texts, allowing all text and call to actions to be highly effective no matter which language it’s translated to.

  • We understand the need to keep texts to specific lengths, whether it’s to fit graphics on your website design or ad requirements from Google and Facebook. Our translators are up to date with the latest guides and requirements in the marketing world and ensure all translations fit within them.

  • All our translators are native in the language you are translating to. This is especially important for marketing texts, emails and advertisements where connecting with your new audience in a natural manner is vital.

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Media translation of any kind requires a higher level of expertise. Knowing the ins and outs of the industry ensures that our translators speak your language when it comes to marketing. No matter your goals, return on investment requirements or niche, our translators can expertly translate your content flawlessly to ensure it performs well no matter the language.

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Media translations of all kinds

The marketing industry is vast. From social media to SEO, there are a wide range of different texts used by marketers as part of an overall strategy.

The advantage of using a specialised marketing translator is that they can understand your aims and targets, ensuring that any translation made will fit with your strategy. Content you may wish to have translated includes:

  • SEO content for websites and blogs.
  • Content for paid advertising online, or advertising in hard-copy print.
  • Email marketing and regular newsletters.
  • Whitepapers, eBooks and infographics to explore your brand.

The art of marketing translation is to carry over the desired style of writing in a way that’s both accurate and flowing, while maintaining the original purpose. If your PPC landing page performs extremely well in your native language, our translators can ensure that this translates well into any other language, using their marketing and language skills to make sure your brand message stays consistent and effective.


Professional SEO translations that perform in any language

A generic translating agency may be able to translate your website text and blog articles correctly. They may even do a good job at ensuring the text reads fluidly in the native language. But when it comes to SEO, you cannot trust a translator who isn’t trained in marketing.

When translating SEO texts, it is vitally important that the translator understands the requirements of SEO and appropriate keyword research. From ensuring keywords are translated correctly and are relevant to the new audience, to keeping character counts under the limit for meta data. These are simple requirements that a translator untrained in marketing will miss, potentially damaging your ranking.

Regardless of whether your text is the minimum 300 words long, or a lengthy article guide to boost your website’s ranking, ensuring that your chosen translator can follow good SEO practices is essential.

We understand the careful balance in texts which are optimised for search engines but still need to read smoothly to your audience. It takes a professional marketing translator to transfer this perfectly from the original text every time.

Leave marketing translations to the professionals

Leaving your marketing and media translation work to a generic translating agency – or worse, an automated service – is a grave error. When it comes to marketing your brand or business, appearance is everything. Something as simple as awkwardly placed keywords or text that is too long for the pre-planned formatting, is enough to shatter all your hard work.

A dedicated marketing translation platform like EasyTranslate understands the need for consistency and accuracy in all marketing texts, in all languages. We work with numerous brands across a wide range of industries to translate content that seamlessly fits with their brand style, no matter the language or platform they are marketing on.

Contact us now to find out how we can propel your marketing content further with professional translations.

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