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Expert e-commerce translations

At EasyTranslate, our experienced e-commerce translators are trained to provide effective, high-performing translations every time. Whether you run a large, multi-national e-commerce business or a small, niche-targeted online store, we are poised and ready to help as a dedicated business translation platform.

We are a targeted translation platform with skilled translators trained specially to work with e-commerce businesses. Combining the latest technology with expert human knowledge is our key formula to provide a premium translating service.


E-commerce translations require a dedicated platform

A dedicated platform for e-commerce translations will have certain aspects and skills that a generic agency won’t be able to provide. With detailed knowledge of business and commerce practices, we’re able to create a translation service that does more than you’d expect.

  • E-commerce texts require a higher level of understanding. We know that you’ve carefully crafted your current text to describe your business and products to reflect your brand. Only an expert translator can translate the personality of your brand from one language to another.
  • From SEO techniques to social media ad requirements. Texts used for your e-commerce business are often restricted and precisely balanced. Only a professional translator with in-depth knowledge of these requirements will suffice.
  • Handling a large number of detailed descriptions or a select range of premium products requires your team of translators to be synchronised and consistent with their translations. This is something our advanced platform is designed for.

Ensuring that your new translations perform just as well as your existing text in your original language – if not better – is part of our offering.

The unique requirements for e-commerce translations

Our translators all understand what you are aiming for and work to ensure that your newly translated texts for your e-commerce are as effective as the original.

For many of our e-commerce customers, a lot of energy and time has already been spent on carefully curated descriptions. Your texts don’t just inform the customer, they shape the image of the products in their minds. Every word is placed with a purpose to create a tone of voice and style that separates your brand from the rest.

Translating these texts requires expert linguistic skills to ensure the style, tone and purpose of the text is not lost in translation. But it’s the e-commerce experienced translator that understands the other unique requirements that need translating, from the SEO keywords to the particular formatting you need for your platform.

We know the essential aspects that you must have in your e-commerce store texts, including drawing the eye towards your call to action (CTA) and ensuring that keywords are accurate and relevant in the new language. It’s these unique requirements that we can expertly maintain.


Expert business translators are essential

The concept is simple. If you want professional translations that seamlessly convert your existing texts to equally high-performing texts in another language, you must trust your translation work to the experts. A generic translation agency will not be able to provide that.

The key is working with selected translators who are not only expert linguistics but also knowledgeable in your niche industry and know how you are aiming to present your brand and products to new customers. Our translators take the time to research and get to know your business. Combined with our technology and management platform, the service we offer is comprehensive and thorough, while a generic translation agency will simply try to get the work done as quickly as possible.

Another problem with unskilled translators is localisation. This is the art of adapting language for a foreign market so that your e-commerce texts read as if a native had written them, using phrases and terms that sound natural and fluid. This is an important step towards creating a global brand and one that can’t be skipped if you want the trust of your audience.

We ensure that your translations arrive on time and ready to go live immediately, so your business is quickly booming.

Is EasyTranslate right for your e-commerce business?

Whether you’re a start-up or well-established e-commerce giant, we have the platform and capability to work with you. Whole teams of specialised e-commerce translators are waiting, ready. We hand-select these translators and verify each one individually to ensure they are as skilled as we require.

You can meet our translators through our dedicated translation platform. It enables you to track your order and find status updates directly from our translators in just a few clicks.

Time is money and with an entire audience currently missing out on your products, we know that you’re eager to have your translations to hand. Our combination of the latest technology and real-time updating platform with expert translators means that many e-commerce translation projects can be completed entirely within 48 hours.

Contact us now for a quote and time schedule on our e-commerce translation service.