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The Wallet

Payment Made Easy

Optimising your payment flow is simpler than ever. Using the Wallet offers you a unified and automatic way of paying for all your freelance translators. No need to worry about calculating prices or handling invoices, it’s all being handled.


Calculate your savings

We're pretty sure we can save you a buck - or hundreds! Fill in the blank fields and let's find out!

Full Control Over Your Payments

Control your payments with minimal effort. Just select your default payment and follow a few steps to activate the automation process.


Time Saver

Time is money. Set up an automatic payment system and forget about the hassle of regular payments. Like this, your credit balance of your account will be used for your invoices. 



You don’t have to be a tech expert to deal with automatic payments. It is very straightforward to activate the process and simplify the way of paying your freelance translators. 



Get the complete overview of all your expenses in one place. It is easy to manage payments and track invoices to see if they correspond to the performed translation project.

Get Your Payment Process Up and Running

Add, update, delete and/or change your default payment as you please. The only rule is that you can only pay via Credit Card or SEPA. Once your default payment is set, you can choose between different options. Manual or automatic - it is up to you!


Go With the Flow

Many projects? Many payments? By activating the wallet feature, you can set and use the credit balance of your account instead of manually paying your invoices. 

You can benefit from:

  • Customised Wallet process
  • Increased payment efficiency
  • Saving time


Recharge Your Balance Automatically

Activate your automatic payment process and you will never have to worry about having a negative credit balance. The auto-recharge takes care of it.
You can either set a minimum credit balance which automatically gets recharged once your credit balance drops below that, or you can set a recurring payment method that occurs every month on a preferred date. 

You can benefit from:

  • An easy way of managing recurring payments
  • Changing the auto-recharge balance and settings at any time
  • Increased payment efficiency

Overview of Your Credit Balance Activity

The Wallet allows you to access your credit balance history at any time. Whether you want to see when the last recharge occurred, or maybe you received a credit note, you can easily keep track of your wallet activity by checking the balance page in your settings. 

You can benefit from:

  • Full transparency on your credit balance
  • A quick overview of your financial activities
  • Saving time on your financially-related tasks


The Real History

Credit balance history is not all we have in store for you. The History page allows you to easily access your invoice history, so you can keep track of all your invoices and their status.

You can benefit from:

  • A quick status overview
  • The essential details of your invoices
  • Reduced time spent on financial matters

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Content Generation

Optimise the way you communicate about your products with our latest tool, Content Generation.


Machine translation

Great amounts of content, strict deadlines or a requirement for objective lenses - whatever your needs may be, machine translation is the solution you have been looking for.



Your organizational structure is highly important to us and so, we make sure our platform adapts to the way you are working.


String Library

Manage your translations by centralising your keys for easier reusability. The string library benefits your developers, translators, and clients.

Transparent pricing and flexible plans

Compare all EasyTranslate plans and choose the one that fits your needs.

Start with a Freemium plan and upgrade as you scale. 

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