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Fast but not furious

There are certain situations where it is not feasible to hire a human translator. And this is one of them. Whether it’s meeting strict deadlines, a heavy load of content, or many technical inputs, this automated tool helps you maximise your success while minimising your workload.

Quick and easy automated translation

Machine Translation will help you achieve better results with less effort. It’s a powerful tool when used in the right context.


Time saving

Relying on AI means less work for you. You won’t have to spend time translating your content manually. Machine Translation takes care of it for you.


Cost effective

Using Machine Translation, you need fewer human resources, which decreases the costs for your urgent projects. 



Machine Translation is the perfect solution for product descriptions and user reviews. It ensures accurate and high quality results.

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Let’s translate

No matter what you use Machine Translation technology for, it is always a smooth translation process. Simply select the Machine Translation option, click the source, target language, drag and drop your file in the tool and get your content translated in no time.

You can benefit from:

  • An easy-to-use tool
  • Fast translation outputs
  • Upheld content quality


Team up with translation memory

Even machine-translated texts can’t always be perfect. They will often require some post-editing by human translators to make sure the context is clear. Using one of our other language translation technology tools, Translation Memory, can be a great help, and it allows your team to review the content and check potential matches with previous segments.

You can benefit from:

  • Access to the Editor tool
  • Consistent translation
  • A time-saving tool

Easy to manage and cost-effective

Using automated translation with our Machine translation tool optimises your time and reduces the cost. By keeping track of your previous translations in Translation Memory, you can avoid duplications. And for each project you work on, your translation memory will grow - but your price will decrease.

With Machine translation you can benefit from:

  • Time-efficient translation solutions
  • Access to previous versions of your work
  • Price deductions according to matches in Translation Memory

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We help all kinds of businesses with our smart translation technology. Whether you’re a small e-commerce or a large enterprise we guarantee a solution that matches your exact translation and localisation needs.


Content Generation

Optimise the way you communicate about your products with our latest tool, Content Generation.



Your organizational structure is highly important to us and so, we make sure our platform adapts to the way you are working.


String Library

Manage your translations by centralising your keys for easier reusability. The string library benefits your developers, translators, and clients.



Optimising your payment flow is simpler than ever. The Wallet offers you a unified and automatic way of paying for all your freelance translators.