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The Editor

Your Trusted Revision Partner

Your translation review phase can be an exciting learning experience if you use the right tools. For this purpose, the Editor has a wide range of functionalities, allowing you to edit, comment, search, communicate and validate segments of your translation.


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One Editor, Many Features

The Editor increases the quality of your outputs and it helps the platform learn from your improvements.



Speed up your revision process through a structured segment view. Review, comment, and edit your content until you are satisfied with the result. 


All in One

Revise your translation without having to switch between apps. The Editor tool has all the features you need for a smooth revision process.


Effective Learning

Use the comment option to leave your remarks on a segment for your translators. It makes the feedback process smooth and efficient.

A Multitasking Tool

Get access to the Editor and manage your revision phase in the best way possible. You have a wide range of functions available - you can change the visual appearance of your characters, you can edit and filter your text, you can comment, approve, or disapprove segments.


Let’s Talk About Segments

Your translation task is split into segments. It facilitates your revision process and makes it much more efficient and enjoyable. You can go through each segment, approve it, or edit it until you reach the desired result. And even better, your segments are stored in your Translation Memory, so you can reuse them at any time. 

You can benefit from:

  • Details on segments, words, and characters
  • Improved quality and consistency of your outputs
  • Differentiation between approved and non-approved segments


CAT Tool

Consistency is key when it comes to a successful translation. The CAT tool helps you check if a current segment matches something you already have in your Translation Memory.

You can benefit from:

  • Time saving
  • Accuracy and consistency
  • Money-saving

Bringing down communication barriers

Communicate directly with your translators by using the chat function within the Editor. Do you have something you need clarified right away? Or maybe you have a small comment on a project? Sort out any questions or comments you might have and avoid potential misunderstandings.  

You can benefit from:

  • Direct contact through the platform
  • Enhanced communication flow
  • Improved timing and efficiency


Leaving a Comment

Having multiple users work on the same review can sometimes be challenging. But the comment function facilitates this process very effectively by allowing you to make real-time remarks that all team members can see and adapt to.

You can benefit from:

  • Understanding the changes to a segment
  • Increased coordination among users
  • Enhanced learning on your team’s part

Translation History

With Translation History, you can easily go back to previous versions of your text. This tool keeps track of all changes that have been made on a segment, allowing you to analyse them at any given time. 

You can benefit from:

  • Keeping track of all modifications
  • Being able to easily restore previous versions
  • Analyse the progress of the review process


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Manage your translations by centralising your keys for easier reusability. The string library benefits your developers, translators, and clients.



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