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AI Content Generation

Generate compelling content fast and in any language.

Access a marketplace of copy editors for additional finetuning.

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Create enticing content in a fraction of the time

Content Generation is an AI-based copywriting tool that generates compelling copy for blog posts, product descriptions, sales emails, social media posts, lead nurturing, ads and more. Optionally, it connects to a marketplace of copy editors for additional human finetuning.

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High-quality content -

⁠⁠fast and at scale

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Accurate copy in any


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Professional copy editors

for finishing touches

Enticing copy within seconds

Speed up your content creation process and get some serious work done in a fraction of the time.

Stop spending excessive amounts of time writing blog posts, product descriptions, ad copy, sales emails and more. Let Content Generation write it for you.
With this AI tool, you write content fast and at scale. Simply edit the generated content instead of writing it from scratch. With Content Generation, you can eliminate time-consuming research work and get a week’s work done in just minutes.

No compromise on quality

It is almost uncanny how good this AI tool is. If you are worried the copy won’t sound natural - don’t be.

The AI writing assistant tool produces engaging, high-quality content in natural language. It creates original copy that is plagiarism free.
Content Generation will not only improve the quality but also the accuracy of your content. Artificial intelligence helps you write technically and grammatically correct sentences.

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Blog posts

Produce convincing, SEO-relevant blog posts

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Product descriptions

Generate enticing product descriptions that sell

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Create engaging marketing and sales email content

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Ad copy

Generate inspiring ad copy and increase your ROAS

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Copy editors for additional customisation

Content Generation produces high-quality material on its own. However, adding a human copy editor on top of that can be useful to further specify information about your unique product. Copy editors are also a great option for incorporating a tone of voice that is distinct to your brand only.

Our software includes a marketplace of freelance copy editors that are happy to give the AI-generated content an additional polish. Simply choose to add a professional writer to edit the machine-generated text and give your content its final touch.

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Write in any language

Content Generation supports all languages you need.

It is no longer a problem if you’re not a native speaker of the language you want to write in. Simply ask the AI to write the content in your language of choice.
This way, you can be sure that your text is grammatically correct and reads well. Don’t be at a loss for words ever again.

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No more writer’s block

Revive your writing enthusiasm by giving your content process a head start.

Staring at a blank page and wondering what to write about will be a thing of the past. Editing existing text is much easier than starting from scratch. Content Generation is a time-saving tool that will remove the stress from writing.
You have the option to try out different copy variations or to kickstart new ideas to elaborate on. Unleash your creativity and use your voice with Content Generation!

Content generation and translation in one

Our solution ensures that your content resonates with your target audience wherever they are.

After Content Generation has worked its magic, you have the option to directly translate the generated text with the software. Choose between freelance translators or relying on machine translation to reach any market around the globe.

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Is AI replacing humans?

Just because you are relying on generative AI does not mean you need to fire your whole marketing team. Instead, view Content Generation as a productivity tool. It will simply help you get started with producing content and give you a headstart. You will save valuable time and experience a much faster, stress-free content creation process.

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Users love us!

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"The software is easy to use and the service team supports you all the way if needed."

Lotte N. L.
Co-Founder, SaaS Lead


"Made a huge difference for our Swedish webshop."

Carsten J.
Board Member


"Efficient and reliable partner."

Ilinca M.
Marketing Manager

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Transparent pricing and flexible plans

Compare all EasyTranslate plans and choose the one that fits your needs.

Start with a Freemium plan and upgrade as you scale. 

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