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Translation workflow automation

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Remove any repetitive translation process with our Automation Workflows, ensuring all operational steps are as accurate and efficient as possible. We offer you the right translation automation tools; you just have to let them fulfil your needs.


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Build, edit, use, and reuse one or multiple translation automation workflows to boost the speed and efficiency of your team.



Be ahead of the game by thinking strategically. Create your own translation automation plan and witness the speed of your translation projects increase.



Design your own translation automation workflows to match specific teams, projects, and needs. You are completely in charge.



With just one click, you can easily automate the steps of every translation project.

Build your own translation Automation flow

Different companies and projects require different workflows. It can be challenging to find a solDifferent companies and projects require different workflows. It can be challenging to find a solution that fully embraces automated translation. But do not fret - with Automation Workflows, your teams can create unique and streamlined translation project flows that fit their exact needs.


Create flow

Customise your workflows for different translation projects. Or standardise and reuse your workflows, so you are always set to go without further effort. By setting up a unique action journey, you can create the perfect path to your project completion - from content creation to translation and review. Our translation automation software offers multiple possibilities to build workflows that fit your business’s exact needs.

For example, you can set your translation workflow to start with Machine Translation where innovative AI translates your content into the chosen target languages. Next, you could create a second step in the workflow that notifies your freelance team of translators, so they can start editing and localising the translated text right away. Through the use of Translation Memory, the system learns from your translators' edits over time and therefore makes sure you stay on-brand with your specific terminology and tone of voice. Further actions of your translation workflow could involve quality assurance or internal review by you and your team. After that, you will automatically receive your localised content in the same format you uploaded it. Next time you have content that is supposed to follow the same translation workflow, you can automatically trigger this localisation process without having to make any manual arrangements.

You can benefit from:

  • Choose between 9 different actions
  • Step-by-step custom translation workflow
  • ⁠Editing and saving at any time

Edit your Workflows

Use, edit, reuse -  that’s how things go. Because adapting to your work environment is one of our main focuses, our translation automation software lets you adjust your translation workflows according to your specific needs. These features allow you to freely edit (or delete) any workflows previously created that no longer align with your goals.

You can benefit from:

  • Change the order of actions
  • Delete unnecessary steps
  • Automatically save edits

Activate/deactivate your Workflows

There are many reasons why a translation workflow might not be ready for use. Whether it needs revision or is still in a draft stage, you can always activate or deactivate your translation automation workflow as you please.

You can benefit from:

  • Share specific flows with your team
  • Activate or deactivate a flow with just one click

Streamline quality with QA checks

Automate your workflows by adding a Quality Assurance step to your translation projects. The QA will be done once the translation is finished by taking a sample text from the translation and have it evaluated by another translator. You can customise the QA according to your priorities - you decide which parameters should weigh the most (language, style, locale, accuracy, or terminology), to ensure the best possible translation for your needs.

Combine Automation workflows with our Integrations for continuous localisation

If you want to take translation automation even further, we offer a large variety of plugins. Combined with our translation automation workflow, these integrations make it even easier to automatically have your content translated and updated on your website. All translation processes will happen automatically in accordance with your workflow. Thus, your content will always be streamlined for continuous localisation.

What sets us apart

Unlike conventional Content Management Systems (CMS), we don't just offer generic translation automation. Our state-of-the-art localisation software also includes the ability to directly employ a large variety of freelance translators that will be an integral part of your customised automated workflow. There is no more need for a traditional language agency either, we provide you access to all verified linguists and their work directly on our platform - without a profit margin and for free! This way, you can save time and translation costs while conquering those international markets.

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